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Stacey Kennedy

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Close To the heart There once was a bear named Whitey, his fur was as white as snow, he had big round brown eyes and a little red bow-tie. He belonged to a little girl, she loved that bear more than anything else in the world. wherever the girl would go that bear would be in-tow. Whitey was her best friend, they did everything together teddy bear picnics, tea party's , wrestling matches with her older brother and trips to the park Whitey was always by her side. One day the little girl decided to take a trip across the street to the park. With Whitey by her side they set off to have a play. They slid down the slides, swung on the swings, climbed the monkey bars and even laid in the grass upon the hill and watched the clouds pass by. They were in the middle of building the worlds greatest sand castle when a group of neighborhood children showed up at the park to play. The little girl had no friends other than her bear and usually just played on her own so when the children came over and tapped her on the shoulder and asked her if she would like to play. The little girl jumped to her feet and without hesitation ran off to play leaving whitey bear all alone! The children laughed and ran around playing tag until the street lamps began to shine and from across the street they heard the mom's and dad's calling "time to come in, it's supper time." The children said their good byes and started on the their way. When the little girl got home and sat in her chair she realized that her bear was not there and that she must have lost him at the park some where. She gobbled down her supper as quick as 1-2-3 and said to her mom "oh where oh where could my Whitey bear be?" Tears of worry ran down her cheeks as the thought of losing him made her stomach go week! Her mommy knelt down and held her tight and whispered "don't cry my darling and don't you fret that silly old bear will show up yet." She wiped her daughters tears and took her hand and away they went. They crossed the street and into the dark park they walked. They looked on the slides, on the swings, on the monkey bars and on the tip-top of the hill but no bear in sight and the little girl was starting to feel ill. She thought she was out of luck and that her bear was gone for good until from the corner of her eye she saw the familiar twinkle of a little brown eye. she grabbed her mommy's hand and began to cry as she bent down and scooped up her bear she hugged him with all her might and gave him a kiss under the moonlight. She whispered in his ear a promise to love him forever and always keep him near and that he will forever remain in here and she placed his paw over top of her heart.
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