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IBM Prezi


keven alvarenga

on 30 July 2014

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Transcript of IBM Prezi

2014 Hardware Installation Team
Harry Van
Independence High School
Part of steam academy in Independence High School
Part of Robotics and RC club at Independence
Build computers

William C.Overfelt High School
Electronics Academy
Athletic / Wrestling, Track, Football.
Interesting in learning about cars
Datsun favorite car
Discontinued Hardware
We Remove Discontinued Hardware,That is no longer necessary due to Virtualization or outdated hardware.
We install new machines to a specific rack at the customers request
Safety First
Lab Safety
Inspect surroundings to make sure its safe to work.
Place cones as need
Never leave any open tiles
Clean up area when done.
Keven Alvarenga
Harry Van
EPO/Emergency power off
Shuts down power to L100 In less than 2 seconds
Used only In life threatening situations
What we do
Hardware Installations
Hardware Discontinue
Hardware Moves
Work Environment
Most of our work is done in L100, and in the SVL tower labs
L100 has 36,000 square feet of raised floor for cables and cooling
has the space to house 31500 machines
Keven Alvarenga
Hardware Move
Thanks and Apprecations
Jack Aiello

Eugene Martinez
Jody Fuller
Robert Compitello
Aurelio Sendejas
Raymond Suarez
Scott Mink
Arturo Rocha
Julio Sanchez

What We Learned
Time management

Working as a Team
Money Management
Networking with people and communications skills
Within L100 we move machines to :
Consolidate Space
Save energy
Save money
Ken Super
Liz Taylor
Hardware Installation Team
Deborah Warner
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