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Tell Tale Heart Concentric Circle

No description

Laura Evans

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Tell Tale Heart Concentric Circle

Thematic statements can be used in an essay as the thesis statement. Thematic Statement Thematic level of meaning—”Bloom’s taxonomy---reading beyond the lines”
Write two thematic statements drawn from the significant word you wrote in the inside circle and the images you drew in the middle of the circle.
These should be UNIVERSAL thematic statements and should NOT refer to the text! Outer Circle You will concentrate on the abstract level of meaning----”reading between the lines” Bloom’s taxonomy levels of reading
1. referring to the text, draw four images from the assigned part of the reading that relate to your word.
2. Write an explanation of the link between each image and the word you have written in the innermost circle. Middle Circle For the inside circle: Bloom’s taxonomy—”reading on the lines”
1. Write the most significant word from the part of the work assigned. (excerpt from a story or a poem)
2. Quote the line or sentence in which the word appears.
3. Write the dictionary definition of the word.
4. Explain IN YOUR OWN WORDS why the word is important to the meaning of the work. Inside Circle Write the TITLE at the top.
Draw 3 large circles on the paper. (use objects around the room) Concentric Circle Directions By: Edgar Allen Poe Tell Tale Heart Theme Guilt/Conscience----- the human heart cannot endure the burden of guilt, especially in the case of murder—your conscience will make you feel so guilty you confess. Four Corners Sound Devices Figurative Language Tone? Speaker? Title The heart represents the
beating heart, and symbolizes
the narrator's own fear . The eye is what drove the narrator
to kill the old man and bury him under the floor. This picture shows the
panic and anxiety he feels that
drives him to confess. The ear represents the sound of
the heart that was really his conscience. It
symbolizes how insane he really was because he
was hearing it---or was he hearing it? Heart Heart Heart Heart
A muscular organ that pumps blood.

In this story the narrator hears a heart beat and it drives him to confess the murder.

“…it is the beating of his hideous heart.”
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