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The Diary of Anne Frank

No description

ryan lambert

on 13 October 2011

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Transcript of The Diary of Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank Anne Frank was a Jewish teenager from Frankfurt, Weimar, Germany. She attended the Jewish Secondary School until she went into hiding with her family and a few other Jewish fugitives. Before they were forced into hiding, Anne was given a diary for her 13th birthday. She made entries quite often into this diary while she was living in the annexe, as well as before then. This led to her diary later being recognized as a great wealth of information over the holocaust and other minor events that took place in the same time period. She filled her diary with everything from personal stories and information to major worldwide events. There was also a hand drawn map of all 3 floors of the hide out, or "Secret Annexe" as Anne called it. The earliest diary entries are simple; these were made before the fret and worry of the Jewish population began. These entries consisted of normal things, such as events at school, tests, and things going on at home. In later entries, around June and July, Anne acquired a male acquaintance (boyfriend) named Harry Goldberg. Anne and Harry began seeing each other often and grew fond of one another. Their friendship, although strong, didn't last for a long while. On Wednesday July 8th, 1942, there was a call-up announced over the radio. This meant to many Jews the beginning of what would later be called "The Holocaust". This forced many Jews to go into hiding, as they did not want to be called into one of the infamous torture camps of the country. This also meant that Anne would be able to see Harry less and less as the laws against Jews began to drastically become stricter, and she would not be allowed outside at all. In response to the tightened laws and curfues, the members of the "Secret Annexe" were forced to mask their appearance to the outside world, so they concealed the entrance to the hideout with a bookcase. Temper and tension in the annexe began to increase the longer that everyone was stuck in the small space that housed over 6 people. As each person became more and more aggravated at the next, it soon became a daily routine that everyone would bicker at some one, wether it was reasonable or not. While Anne was in the midst of writing one diary entry about Mrs. Van Daan, Mrs. Van Daan walked in and wanted to read her diary. Anne refused because this particular entry was one where Anne was fuming mad about Mrs. Van Daan's attitude and temper. This happened on several occasions, in fact, Margot is the only one that Anne ever let read any of her diary, but even she was not allowed to read certain parts of it. The day after the encounter with Mrs. Van Daan, Anne revealed another characteristic that Mrs. Van Daan didn't much care for. Anne revealed that even under the stressful and tight circumstances, she is an extremely picky eater. She revealed this one night when she refused to eat any vegetables, and instead ate only potatoes for dinner By the date of Friday, October 9, 1942, the Jewish population of the world, let alone Germany, was drastically thinning, and it seemed by now that the members of the "Secret Annexe" were among the very last of their kind in the entire world. All else that had been found by this point were put to the same fate; loaded into cattle trucks and sent to a concentration camp, without even the common courtesy to be seperated. Women, men, and infants all died side by side of eachother. On Tuesday, October 20, 1942, there was a minor panic at the "Secret Annexe". There was an unexpected entrance into the lower office building of the "Secret Annexe", which caused worry among the members because none of them had been making the slightest effort to be quiet. On Thursday, October 29, 1942, a major problem occured in the "Secret Annexe" Anne's father became ill at this time, which again caused everyone to worry because at this time, they had no acess to medicine or a doctor. On Tuesday, November 17, 1942, a new member joined the "Secret Annexe". Dussel came on this day as an addition to the hideout, making a total of eight members. Monday, November 8, 1942 was Peter's sixteenth birthday. It was also shipment day for the "Secret Annexe", but there was a problem. They received 150 tins of vegetables, and 270 pounds of dried beans and peas. In the process of stowing the sacks in the attic, one of them burst open and the beans scattered making a great deal of noise. Upon arriving to the "Secret Annexe", Dussel was given a set of rules to follow at all times. These were given to him by Mr. Van Daan, and were also entirely writtten by him. The rules stated various things such as when you are allowed the use of facilities, eating times, sleeping hours, and duties of individual inhabitants. On Saturday, November 28, 1942, the "Secret Annexe" had its power shut down. This was when Anne discovered that Dussel was not as nice as she thought. With the stress of the power outage, he began to show his true colors to everyone; an old raggety man that didn't care much for other people or children Mr. Van Daan worked in the meat industry before being taken into the "Secret Annexe". This pleased Mr. Frank, because normally he would work by himself to bring in meat shipments to be preserved and used in the hideout. There was much excitement in the Annexe on December 22, 1944 when everyone was informed they'd get an extra 1/4 pound of butter on Christmas. Throughout January and most of February Anne speaks mostly of her fights with her mother and her frustration with others in the annexe. On Saturday, February 27, 1943, Henk brings a letter for them to read. Anne says it is "very inspiring". "Turkey is in the war. Great excitement. Waiting in suspense for the news.
Yours, Anne. Anne's diary entery: Thursday, 18 March, 1943 The next day, Anne speaks of sorrow in the "Secret Annexe", saying that yesterdays joys were false, Turkey had not really joined the war. On Thursday, March 25, 1943, the annexe had an incident with a thief. Although it was a close call, everyone made it through safe. Anne complains on March 27 that Mr. Van Daan is over-reacting to his cold and is in a terrible mood. On the same day, a big-shot German official made a speech that upset Anne greatly. She had forbidden herself to speak of it because thoughts like that only gave her nightmares. On april 1, Anne gets the news that Elli and Mr. Koophuis had both become ill. Also on April 1, Margot, Pim and Anne layed on the floor upstairs to listen to important bussiness conferences. For the next few weeks or so, Anne writes about how life in the "Secret Annexe" is becoming more quarrelsome. On the third of August they get news that people in Italy were fighting against the Fascist party, and Anne speaks of terrifying air raids. September 29- Mrs. Vaan Daan's birthday! In her later diary entries, Anne begins to reflect on her behavior while in hiding. She feels regret for the way she had treated her mother and also sorrow for the ones she was made to leave at home. As she becomes more and more fond of Peter, she reminisces to her diary about the boyfriends she'd had in the past. Around mid-May, 1944, the people in the annexe begin to get fearful and ansty. Anne speaks of fearful moments when she overhears her parents talking of things like "what if" and "we''ll certainly be caught", and she becomes thankful for the time she spends alone and with Peter, away from such horrid thoughts. "Nothing special going on here. The english have begun their big attack on Cherbourg; according to Pim and Van Daan, we're sure to be free by October 10." A section of Anne's diary entry from 23 June, 1944. On August 4, 1944, roughly two months from when they were expected to be freed, Anne and the rest of the fugitives were captured in the upstairs office building and taken to concentration camps. Seven months after her arrival at Bergen-Belsen and just three months before her sixteenth birthday, Anne died of typhus fever, along with her sister, Margot. They died two weeks apart from eachother. Afterwards: Anne's last few diary entries contained deep, discerning thoughts about life and reflections on her own. At the end of her diary, it's evident how much she's grown up in her time hiding in the "Secret Annexe". Characters: Anne Frank: Writer of the diary entries Margot Frank: Anne's sister Otto Frank: Anne's father who she affectionately calls 'Pim'. Edith Frank: Anne's mother The Van Daans: Another family in hiding with the Franks.
Mr. & Mrs. Van Daan
Peter Mr. Dussel: An old, cranky dentist that comes to live in the secret annexe after the other families have already gone into hiding. Mr. Kraler: A bussiness man that helps hide the Frank family. Mr. Koophius: A bussiness man that helps to hide the Frank family. Miep: A young office worker and vital supplier of food to the annexe. Elli: A young typist who provided food and supplies to the annexe. They would have recieved 1/2 pound of butter like eveyone else, but since they bought their ration books illegally, they were shorted.
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