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In The Heat Of The Night

No description

robyn frosst

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of In The Heat Of The Night

A Closer Look Character Stalker Sam Wood Virgil Tibbs Bill Gillespie 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c THANK-YOU GROUP MEMBERS Robyn
Nicole Significant Events Chapters 1-4 illustrations Themes The most obvious and important theme in the book is racism. Because the book is set in the 1960's there are still lots of racial issues. Chief Gillespie does not like the idea of Tibbs working on the investigation because he is black. In a town like Wells, some people are racist and some are not, so this made Tibbs very uncomfortable. Main Characters In The Heat Of The Night Sam Wood found the dead body of Enrico Mantoli
Sam brought Virgil into the police station for questioning
Virgil Is a police officer from Pasadena, California
Sam Wood talks to the Mantoli and Escott family Chapters 5-8 Tibbs started working on the investigation
Bill Gillespie is getting in trouble for hiring a black male to work for him
Tibbs and Sam do their night shift together
questioned Gottschalk Chapters 9-11 Kaufmann gets a gun for protection
Gillespie thinks Sam Wood is at fault for the murder and arrests him
Purdy and Delores blame Sam for suduction
Duana believes Sam is innocent Chapters 12-14 Virgil believes Sam is innocent and tries to prove it
he focuses on clearing Sam Wood instead of the murderer
finally figures out who the muderer is
Bill finally accepts him Connections:
There is a descrimination in this story just like in highschool. The only difference now a day is that more types of people are discriminated.
The biggest connection that comes to mind in discrimination against coloured people.
I chose the scene when Sam finds Mr.Mantoli. It sets the mood and plot so far. The story is based around the killing. I drew the picture in black and white to show the discrimination in the book. Chapters 1-4
Max Gallant Chapters 5-8
Kennedy Connections:
This section is important because things start to unravel a little bit more and we get a better understanding of the characters. I can make a connection to the book and film the "Hunger Games". The most significant connection that comes to mind is at the very end of the movie and closer to the end of the book we get to discover more about the characters "Clove" and "Cado". And in "The Heat if the Night" we start to find out more about the 2 characters Sam and Virgil. This ties to the theme of how things aren't always what they seem. I chose the scene when Sam and Duena were talking about Mantoli. This is a very significant part of the story which could give us information about what might happen next. I was trying to accomplish a sense of emotion that the characters expressions let the readers feel the same way. Chapter 9-11 Ben Macnich Criminal Minds shows connections with book because there both about murders and mysteries. I chose the scene when Sam Wood got arrested because it is a important part in the book because it shows how desperate they are to find the murderer that they will arrest their own cop. Chapter 12-14 Robyn Frosst This book is like the Sherlock Holmes because both, Holmes and Virgil perform an investigation and solve crimes. And in both cases they are not the more preferred personnel. The most significant connection that comes to mind in that I know what it's like to have miss conceptions about a person just like Virgil did. I chose this scene because it explains the whole story and how all the characters relate to each other. I drew this picture because this scene summarizes the whole book and what each character was thinking. Chapters 1-4
Robyn Frosst Sam Wood: In these chapters Sam Wood finds Mantoli's body and meets Virgil Tibbs
Sam has changed due to these events becuase he is now exposed to a murder case and he is a possible suspect. I could assume that Sam is very shocked when he finds the body and he paniked because he doesn't know how to handle a murder. Chapters 5-8
Nicole Eum What significant events has the main characters experienced?
now investigating he killer who killed Mantoli the conductor with Bill Gillespis
but Sam Wood is also considered a killer and had to be investigated by Tibbs
In the beginning of the book, Gillespie and Tibbs doubted that Sam Wood is the killer but after they knew that he is a California policeman. But during the investigation Sam Wood is considered as the killer. If Sam Wood is not guilty but had doubts just because he was on the crime scene I would feel sad and fristrated. We don't yet know if Sam is the killer but if he was then I would feel awkward. protagonist
was very racist at beginning
not taken seriously
does his job well
homicide investigator from California
very realistic character because he shows many human qualities
does not grow or adapt into a more in depth character, he stay the same the whole story
has a strong relationship with the Endicotts because they are not racist chief of police
big, tough and confident
bad tempered, and does not like to admit his mistakes
very racist
become more dynamic throughout the story Meaningful Passage "At ten minutes to three in the morning, the city of wells lay inert, hot and stagnant. Most of its eleven thousand people tossed restlessly; the few who couldn't sleep at all damned the fact that there was no breeze to lift the stifling effect of the night. The heat of the Caronlinas in August hung thick and heavy in the air. " We chose this passage because right away it sets the mood of the story and explains the title. It is very descriptive and it makes you want to keep reading. Chapters 9-11
Max Gallant Sam was accused of the murder
Sam was also accused of raping Purdy's daughter Delores
Gillespie was told to get rid of Tibbs even though he was solving the Case
How have they changed?
Sam us not more conscious since he was accused
Gillespie is more agitated with everyone on his back about Tibbs
How are they feeling?
most of the people are confused about the murder and what is happening
How can you relate?
I can relate to Gillespie because he is really agitated and I've felt that way when there is annoying people around. Chapters 12-14
Kennedy Sam Wood has been thrown in jail and has to find a way to clear his name. Virgil makes a promise to Gillespie that Sam will catch the murderer that night. Gillespie has to get rid of Virgil soon, or else he will lose his job.
Sam has become more kind to Virgil and has started to fall in love. Virgil has opened up way more to Sam to prove his worth and Sam's worth also. Gillespie has become more nice and accepting towards Virgil.
Sam Woo's reaction to being accused was appropriate not getting angry just cooperating with the police.
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