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Clyfford Still

No description

Liz Rosas Moreno

on 24 March 2017

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Transcript of Clyfford Still

Clyfford Still
Introduction: Abstract Expressionism
*After WW2, art started to rise, Abstract Expressionism happened in the setting of 1940s - 1950s, New York
* Abstract Expressionism was accepted for these artist, they had much in common, so therefore they called them Abstract Expressionist
* Artists were committed, the legacy of Surrealism shaped them
* After WW2 passed, post-war (emotion of anxiety and the trauma) arose

Clyfford Still and the Abstract Expressionist Movement
* Painterly remark always delivered in a approximate whisper, or an insulting remark, unlike the loud, splashy announcement of many of his Ab-Ex contemporaries.

* Still’s canvases are regularly vertical rectangles usually the sizes of doors

* Irving Sandler once wrote “wide-open prairie landscape, reminiscent of the environment of his youth.” to Still

* The color-field aspect — combined with his completely personal and almost unsettling way of handling the jagged edges and interior fragmentation's of paint — that mark his style.
* The topic links to WW2 because this was after the postwar effect that every thing this topic had after WW2
* PH-385, make in 1949 links to the postwar and Clyfford Still dramatic change over the time and after the post war, in a way he was trying to make us see that humans against nature.
* This includes his style of painting over time and how he felt over WW2
Abstract Expressionism Movement
Abstract Expressionism
* America was suffering economically at the time
* Their art was championed for being emphatically American in spirit - huge in scale, romantic in mood, and expressive of a rugged individual freedom.
* Part of this brought European Surrealist to New York in the 1930s
*Many of the Abstract Expressionists were deeply influenced by the style and by its focus on the unconscious
* It encouraged their interest in myths and modeled objects, and shaped their understanding of painting itself as a struggle between self-expression and the disorder of the unconscious that the artist faced
Clyfford Still " About his paintings?"
* He was the first to break into Abstract
* His mature color of pictures educe (bring out) dramatic conflicts between man and nature that took place on a huge scale.
* His theme is a struggle of the human spirit against the forces of nature, the idea (horizontal meant life, vertical meant death)
* Often shunned the New York art world and he resisted most critiques
* He went to uncommon lengths to control how his paintings were sold
Clyfford Still—Biography and Career
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* He was born in 1904 in Grandin, North Dakota
* During is childhood he was interested in literature, poetry and art
* He received his M.A. at Washington State College and he was a graduate at Spokane University
* Later in 1933-1941 he started to teach
* He lived in Alberta, Canada, and also taught briefly at the College of William, Mary from 1943-1945 and at the California School of Fine Arts
* He would often show his work to the public eye
* Still always saw himself as a visionary artist, rather than as one who belonged to a movement.
* He rejected what people told him to like -> Picasso (satanic & grotesque-> Surrealism) Classic heritage ->Western art and tear off himself from the traditional values of the art world, all of which he saw as corrupt (1952 and 1967-> Still refused New York-> corrupt)
* Still had a wife named Patricia, and two daughters named Diane and Sandra
* He was obsessed with dualism (black & white->good & evil)
* His art was often untitled so all he left behind was sates and letters
* In late 1940s and early 1950s seems to echo the earth tones and open spaces of the Western plains where he grew up, although the artist refused to acknowledge any connections between his paintings and the natural landscape
* In 1950's Still's paintings became lighter and brighter( felt unpainted)
* Later he became free of the darkness
* His friend Mark Rothko had influenced his colors (1960)
* He later withdraw from society and moved and worked in Maryland
* In 1964 Still gave 31 paintings to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo New York
* In 1976 he made a similar presentation of 28 works to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
* Then he died in 1980.
* Clyfford Still's career focused on human dreams, the personal search for identity, and the liberation of the spirit
* Although his jealously guarded privacy kept him from becoming known to the general public, he was, nevertheless, one of the early pioneers of Abstract Expressionism
More About Clyfford Still
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Artwork During the 1920s-1960
PH-672 (Self portrait, 18 years of age), 1923
Oil on canvas
18 x 15.5 in
PP-260, 1923 Pastel on paper
9 x 10.75 in
PH-274, 1920
Oil on linen
14 x 9.75 in
PH-419, 1929
Oil on canvas
24 x 18 in
PH-45 (Field Rocks), 1925
Oil on canvas
21 x 28.12 in
PH-343, 1937
Oil on canvas
45.12 x 36.12 in
PH-80, 1935
Oil on canvas
48.25 x 59.87 in
PH-76, 1935
Oil on canvas
45.12 x 53.5 in
PH-77, 1936
Oil on canvas
43.75 x 56.75 in
PD-102, 1931
Charcoal on paper
19 x 15.5 in
PH-235, 1944
Oil on canvas
105 x 92.5 in
PH-382 (Self-Portrait), 1940
Oil on canvas
41.5 x 38.12 in
PH-751, 1944
Oil on canvas
70.37 x 97.37 in
PH-385, 1949
Oil on canvas
105.5 x 81 in
PH-455, 1949
Gouache on paper
30 x 22 in
PH-1007, 1976
Oil on canvas
92 x 78.5 in
PP-539, 1971
Pastel on paper
18 x 12 in
PH-1034, 1973
Oil on canvas
92 x 79 in
PH-960, 1960
Oil on canvas
112 x 144 in
PP-113, 1962
Pastel on paper
12 x 17.75 in
PH-389, 1963–66
Oil on canvas
113 x 159 in
PH-642, 1967
Oil on canvas
112 x 170 in
PH-439, 1964
Oil on canvas
113.25 x 158 in
PH-1049, 1977
Oil on canvas
114 x 172 in
PH-247, 1951
Oil on canvas
117 x 192 in
PH-1123, 1954
Oil on canvas
114 x 155 in
PP-145, 1956
Pastel on paper
17.62 x 11.75 in
PH-401, 1957
Oil on canvas
113 x 155 in
PP-11, 1958
Pastel on paper
18 x 12 in
PH-1039, 1977
Oil on canvas
113 x 93 in
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Abstract Expresionism
MLA: Conclusion
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