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Mariah carey

No description

Thaïs G

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of Mariah carey

Why I choose Mariah Carey
Growing up
Her mom was an Irish American Opera singer and her dad was an aeronautical engineer
2 siblings
She started singing at the age of 3
Her first public performance was at the age of 6
Grammy: 'Best New Artist' in 1991
'Legend Award': the ‘best-selling female pop artist of the millennium' in 2000.
no.1 in MTV and Blender magazine’s list of the ’22 Greatest Voices in Music' in 2003
second place on the VH1’s list of ‘100 Greatest Women in Music’ in 2012
Before Fame
Date and Place of birth
27 march 1970
Long Island, New York
Mariah carey
Music Influences
Whitney Houston
Janet Jackson
Chaka Khan
Teen Marie
She had many odd jobs:
Hair sweeper in a salon
a coat girl
Moved to a better sector in New York with her family
Skipping class to write song
The Impression I had
Work hard
make goals reality
What she's doing now?
Raising her twins
What she's planning to do in the future?
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