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Egypt 2

No description

Nanor Zohrabian

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Egypt 2

Dr. Hanan Ghali
Dr. Sherine Zaklama
Dr. Halim Abou Seif Presented to: Nanor Zohrabian
Sandra Doss
Sarah Omran
Dalia Elmasry
Maram Fouad
Abdulrahman Abou Zeid By: Mission Statement "Our mission is to be the world’s pioneering creative partner to embrace business, customers and community. We will deliver superior returns to our shareholders by tirelessly pursuing new growth opportunities while continually improving our profitability, a socially responsible, ethical company that is watched and emulated as a model of success in creativity " The Relaunch of the Pharaonic Village Dr. Abdelsalam Ragab
Introduction Research Research Objectives To know the general perception of the Pharaonic Village

Their expectations and disappointments

Their general knowledge about their heritage
+ 3 field visits Research Report

Strategies A local campaign announcing the renovation and reopening of the Pharaonic Village, this campaign will last 8 months. —2 months November and December

Tools: Activities for youth and parents, events, interviews: With youth and Booths •Pre-Launching : •Launching: •Post-Launching:

Qualitative Research Strategy •Pre-Launching : •Launching: •Post-Launching: Primary Objective Secondary Objective Create awarness about the Renovation of the Ph. Village Position the Ph. Village as an educational gate towards Egyptian history Change the negative Perception Highlight the aspects of renovation Seek to change attitude towards Egyptian roots, history and heritage Educate the youth about the real life and habits of ancient Egyptians in a fun way Revive Egyptian History through the renovation of the Pharaonic Village Quantitative Findings Statistics "Everything needed to be changed" Renovation Process 4 months (June to September)
Media will be informed
Training for Employees

Press releases
Youth: Make activities
The website: Renovation of the website.
Advertising: Advertising campaigns will start a month before the launch. 1 month (October) end with the big event

Gala dinner: for VIPs ( tour operators, the ministries, school directors, media)

The Press Conference: a week before the opening -to spread the WOM

Advertising: Advertising campaigns will work parallel with the launch
2 months (November and December)

Tools: Activities for youth, parents and media
Interviews: With youth
Booths: Universities, Schools
Thank you for your Time Preliminary objectives Preliminary Primary Objective Educate youth about Egyptian history Internal PR: Innovative interaction activities: Source: The Client Qualitative Research Qualitative Research Qualitative Research Qualitative Research Qualitative Research Qualitative Research Qualitative Research Video 1 ! Video 2 ! 1 – Training
2 – Transportation
3 – Cafeteria
4 – Renovation of clinic and offices
5 – Special appreciation events
6 – Experience Certificates 1 – Frequent parades and pop parades
2 – Frequent events
3 – Night theatre, night show and light and sound
4 – Music
5 – Activities for kids
6 – Pharaonic games
7 – The photo booth A young adult : “It’s a onetime visit and it’s not worth to go to twice”
Some kids: variety in school trips
The research team: observation — 4 months from June to September,

Tools: Press releases, activities for youth, website, advertising
—1 month (October) ending with the big event of the launching day itself.

Tools: Gala dinner, press conferences, activities and advertising
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