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Rich with oils and marine life, Antarctica is the last unclaimed land of its type. With many countries scramblig for its bountiful land, who is there to look after it?

Caroline D

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of ANTARCTICA

Antarctica has many animals such as penguins, fish, whales, shellfish and seals.

Most of the Antarctic marine life is in danger of being smited by our selfish ways.

Fishing in the Antarctic waters is ilegal, but not every-one is willing to accept this. So the selfish ways are continued, just for a couple of fish.

Antarctica is a land form rich with minerals.
About 98% of antarctica is made up of ice.
The overall area is 14,000,000 km2

There is a treaty protecting Antarctica. This treaty states the rules and regulations to be followed.
This treaty was first signed in 1959, by 12 countries.
Now the treaty has been signed by 46 countries.
Antarctica has no trees or trunda.
There is a lot of exploitation of the natural resources
Antarctica covers approximately 1/12 of the entire global land area.


Antarctica has many famous explorers these explorers have aided scientific discoveries by finding or naming animals such as the Adelie penguin.
Some of these famous explorers are Adrien de Gerlache, Erich von Drygalski and Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen.
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