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An animal cell is like the white house

No description

Bryan Nevel

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of An animal cell is like the white house

The chromatin will sometimes take out DNA to avoid the cell getting too big.

The white house fire people to decrease staff size.
Rough ER
Rough ER is used to transport ribosomes.

The postal service is used to transport laws from the house of rep to the white house.
Smooth ER
The nucleolus is like the record of events.

The nucleolus holds DNA and the record of events holds the history of the white house.
The cell has cytoplasm to hold the cell organs in place.

The white house has laws and amendments that keep the people in check.
A nucleus controls the actions of the cell.

The president controls the actions of the country.
An animal cell is like the white house
The cell has the lysosome to clean it out.
The white house has many,many janitors.
Cell membrane
the cell has a cell membrane to keep things from going in orout without permission

The white house has a line that keeps anyone from crossing or they will be shot.
Smooth ER is responsible for making lipids in cells.

The white house is responsible for making order in the US.
Ribosomes have proteins they send throughout the cell.

The passed laws are sent to the president to veto or accept.
Mitochondria's convert food molecules into energy.

The white house converts yen from china into american dollars.
The valcuole stores energy from the cell.

the white house stores tax money in banks.
Golgi body
Golgi body recieves proteins and distributes them around the cell.

The white house recieves laws and accepts passed ones as laws throughout the US.
Cell membrane
The cell has a cell membrane that decides what goes in and out of the cell.

The white house has a line that shows that people will be shot if they cross it.
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