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TFIOS ISP Media Essay

No description

Amanda Yu

on 15 August 2014

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Transcript of TFIOS ISP Media Essay

The character's age impacts their story because they are given no choice but to take on more responsibility rather living through their rebellion stage of being in their twenties
The characters' disease heavily changes them because it takes over their life mentally and physically and takes a toll on them.
The characters' adulthood progresses and realizes that growing up becomes harder and harder as time goes on.
"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings." -Cassius (Julius Caesar, I, II, 146)
The Fault in Our Stars
For instance, when most teens reach their rebellion stage. they tend to become more difficult to get along, and this example shows how hard it is for Augustus to charm Hazel with his handsome looks. Unlike Hazel, Augustus is "an inverterate optimist, believing that life and death have a point and that his purpose on Earth is to leave a bright, burning legacy. Hazel is more skeptical, if not cynical: She's far less convinced of things like higher meanings." (Hornaday, 2013)
This goes to show that during the rebellion stage, the individual tends to develop negative thoughts towards life and responsibility, and if there is an optimist and a pessimist, it is a perfect match.
Works Cited
Have you ever wondered why life gets harder when you are sick and you cannot bear to live anymore?
In the novel, the Fault in Our Stars by John Green, Hazel Grace Lancaster suffers from thyroid cancer while Augustus Waters suffers from osteosarcoma and they both experience a journey full of love and heartbreak.
Let's watch a movie clip of the movie adaption directed by Josh Boone.
"You put the thing that does the killing right between your teeth, but you never give it the power to kill you. A metaphor."
To discuss the fact that the characters' disease is impacting them, the author himself describes his insight about the deeper meaning of the book and he says that it "is a horribly dehumanizing way of imagining the meaning of life. And so I wanted in The Fault in Our Stars, no healthy people being redeemed as a result of these kids being sick. The meaning of their lives is their lives."(Storm, 2014)
Even though the characters' freedom are to a minimum in the novel, they have to take on more responsibility as they grow up to survive life.
This has relevance because he says that their lives have and serve meaning shows that diseases, as evil as they are, wants to destory anything that gets in the way and their disease would eventually consume them.
To show that the characters' adulthood progresses, the novel has a character named Patrick and he "always asked if anyone wanted to share. And then began the circle jerk of support: everyone talking about fighting and battling and winning and shrinking and scanning. To be fair to Patrick, he let us talk about dying too. But most of them weren't dying. Most would live to adult hood, as Patrick had."(Green, 2014)
This shows that living into adulthood is not what it seems and it may have it cracks, and when time passes, dying does not come to mind anymore, but most of them realize that they are not going to die as they keep on living normally.
"It would be a honor to get my heart broken by you."
Thanks for watching! :)
In conclusion, even though the characters' freedom is not really free, they have to take care of their heath in order to survive life.
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It is because of their age, disease, and their adulthood shows that the characters' freedoms are locked up inside of them instead of being expressed in the individual that they are.
Overall, the Fault in Our Stars is an inspiring read to all readers who are most likely to feel emotional once the novel is finished.
By: Amanda Yu
NOW PLAYING: Ed Sheeran - All in Our Stars
The character's age, disease, and their maturity level will help understand that the characters' freedom are to a minimum in the novel.
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