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No description

Jacob Scheid

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Quiet

Qu et
Nature vs. Nurture

by Susan Cain
Jacob Scheid, James Hillman, Kaitlyn Roberts, & Patrick Lewis
Presented by:
What is an introvert to you?
What is an introvert to Google?
An extrovert, however...
How are introverts [and extroverts] made?

we can use these wherever if we want
A message from Susan Cain...
start video @ 15:25 - end
Facts we should incorporate...
-1/3 to 1/2 of people are introverts
-there is no correlation between charisma and [having] good ideas
-shyness is a social anxiety, being quiet is not

Famous Introverts...
Susan Cain
J.K. Rowling
Albert Einstein
Bill Gates
Steve Wozniak
Emma Watson
Abraham Lincoln
Eleanor Roosevelt
Rosa Parks
Where introverts thrive/ professions/ environments/ social aspects
How society could change to accommodate more introverts and encourage thinkers
-reinventing group work and unbiased thought
-classroom/ workspace layouts
-our leaders
Typically louder
People listen
Move up faster
Listen to ideas
Allow other ideas
Allow others to move up
Withdrawing v. Yelling
Social Aspects
Hiss v. Bite
Letting off steam
Real-World Applications
But what is it that makes us tic? What is it that makes an extrovert so alien from an introvert?
Counselor/ Adviser
Intro-Extro Convo
Question and listen
The Green!
Or should we say dopamine?
Conservative Introverts
Is introversion/extroversion a
passed down trait?

Collaborative Groups
Problem Solving
Preforming arts
Can you be born an introvert?
Does environment influence if we are extroverts or introverts?
Can peer groups determine if someone is introverted or extroverted?
And so the market is driven up...
...by the chemical reactions that
reside in our brains.
The system is sent sky high faster than
any Boeing 747, and for awhile it
appears it will be blue skies
from here on out...

... but a storm is brewing behind
the scenes, and it's only a matter of
time before a decision must be made.
The computers are starting to calculate. The odds are impossible and the machines urge the brokers to stop...
"Should I stay or should I go?"
Ultimately it comes down to the choice.

Risk-taking Extroverts
One out of every
So when should you decide to act introverted, and when should you
play the part of the extrovert?
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