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Garlic-the cure all

No description

Andreea Pascale

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of Garlic-the cure all

et al
.1955; Galeone
et al
. 2006; Fleischauer and Arab 2001; Francesch
et al.
Dorant et al.

Presentation outcomes
Andreea Pascale
Background information
Institute of Science and Environment
Asssumed association
Module leader:
Dr Denise Mortimore
Dr Laurence Trueman

Human Nutrition and Disease Modulation
Critical evaluation
Word meaning-"spear leek



Historical perspective: Ancient Egypt, Biblical, Ancient China and Japan, Ancient India, Middle Ages, The Renaissance, Early America

Common and unusual uses

Cooking effect

1) Anticancer effect

3) Prevention and treatment of common cold
2) Cardiovascular health
-no credible evidence for reduced risk of breast, lung, endometrial cancers
- credible evidence for an association between garlic intake and colon, prostate, esophageal, larynx, oral, ovary, and renal cell cancers
Anticancer effect
(Fleischauer, A.T. and Arab, L. 2001; Kim, J. Y and Oran, K. 2009 )
Cardiovascular Health
Figure 3: Pie Chart illustrating the results collected from questioning 30 subjects regarding the most credible health benefit of garlic, when choosing from the 3 benefits mentioned above
-excellent potential in treatment of cardiovascular diseases Saravanan and Prakash 2004; Rahman and Lowe 2006; Bhatti
et al.
Singh 2008;)

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Dorant E. ; Van den Brandt; P.A, Goldbohm R.A. (1994) A prospective cohort study on Allium vegetable consumption, garlic supplement use, and the risk of lung carcinoma in the Netherlands. Cancer Research [Online] 54, 6148–53. Available from Academic Search Complete [Accessed 2nd of March]

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Saravanan, G. and Prakash, J. (2004) Effect of garlic (Allium sativum) on lipid peroxidation in experimental myocardial infraction in rats. Journal of Etthnopharmacology [Online ] 94(1), 155-158. Available from Academic Search complete [Accessed 1st of March]

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ndian Journal of Pharmacology
[Online] 40(6), 261-265. Available from Academic Search Complete [Accessed 1st of March]

Rahman, K. and Lowe, G.M. (2006) Garlic and Cardiovascular Disease: A Critical Review.
The Journal of Nutrition
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O'Connor, A (2009) Garlic can be helpful in warding off a cold.
New York Times
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Lissiman E, Bhasale AL, Cohen M. (2009) Garlic for the common cold. The Cochrane Library[Online] 23(4), 245-256. Avaulable from Google Scholar [[Accessed 1st of March] ]

Common Cold
Tabel 3- Summaries the assumed association of garlic health benefits compared with the critical evidence
-limited research is available regarding the prevention and treatment of cold using garlic (Lissiman
et al
. 2009 )
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