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Sharing ClassDojo With Other Educators

Help spread the ClassDojo movement!

ClassDojo .

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Sharing ClassDojo With Other Educators

What is ClassDojo?
A realtime behavioral management and skill tracking tool
an interactive whiteboard
a projector
Optional: Use a smartphone, tablet, or iPod Touch to give points remotely
Let me show you how it works!
I'll switch over to ClassDojo now
The ClassDojo team loves feedback
Please don't hesitate to reach out at hello@classdojo.com!
Keep up to date with the latest news!
Quick to setup
Easy to use
Completely free!
Bad behavior
Big Barrier to Learning
Tracks data - with no data entry required
Uses realtime feedback to improve behavior
Helps teachers engage students effortlessly
Focuses on building positive behavior rather than punishing and discipline
Share realtime data with parents quickly and easily
All you need is a computer
Optional: Show students their progess during class
Boost student engagement by allowing them to track their progress at home!
We'll come back to this presentation in a few minutes...
Now I'll walk you through how you sign up!
Step 1
Open an internet browser and type:
Step 2
Click Here
Step 3
Fill out your information
Play with the website for a couple of minutes
I'll walk around to help out and answer questions!
Helps improve behavior and build strong learning habits
Step 4
Copy and pasting your class roster takes less than a minute
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