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Elias Schue

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Idaho

by Elias Schue
Idaho is 42, to 49 degrees north latitude, and 111, to 117 degrees west longitude.

Idaho is bordered by British Columbia, to the top, Montana to the northeast, Wyoming to the east, Nevada and Utah to the south, and Washington and Oregon to the south.

Idaho is in the northern and western hemispere
Idaho's Location
Boise (boy-z) is the capitol of Idaho

Idaho is mostly rocky mountains and forests

The highest peak in Idaho is Borah peak at 12,662ft above sea level and the lowest is Snake River at 713 ft above sea level

The width is 305 miles wide and the length is 479 miles across. The total area is 83,570 sq miles
Idaho's landscape
Wildlife in Idaho consists of wolves, sage grouse, rabbits, grizzly bears, and deer

Idaho also has a wide variety of trees including lodgepole pine, western hemlock, western larch, western white pine, and douglass pine, to name a few
Wildlife in Idaho
Idaho is a state, so it supports human life, meaning humans kill animals, pollute, and use the water supply. Humans also create acid rain and pollute that way.
Human Environment Interaction
Fun Facts About Idaho
Idaho's climate is 16 to 30 degrees in the winter to 60-90 in the summer
The first chairlift was built in Idaho.
Idaho has 3100 miles of lakes, more than any other state
Arco, Idaho, was the first city to be light by atomic power, in July 1955
More fun facts
Idaho is 63 percent public land
Idahos state food is of course the potato, but a lesser known fact is that the state fruit is the huckleberry
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