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How to Make a Documentary

This Prezi give you some basic ideas to keep in mind as you make one of your first documentary videos. Have fun!

Beverly Yuen Thompson

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of How to Make a Documentary

How to Make
a Documentary Video What is the primary story? (Begining, Middle, End) Who are the characters?
(Background and character development) Why should we care? Where & when does this take place? Sociological context (statistics) Sociological significance Individual stories (interviews & speeches) Representative events & stories Visual Sociology Accuracy in details Ethical footage (consent) Self-identification of the filmmaker & relation to topic Sound & Music getting feedback
& incorporating it Final Cut Distribution Story Frame Your Shot Visual Evidence Interview
or Reprensentative Action Putting It Together Growing Your
Audience Rough Cut Making your point Telling a story Creating visual evidence Interesting characters Sociological significant and context Getting good sound Using music to set the mood Rough cut: putting it together Feedback Final cut Getting it out there rule of thirds Capture good sound Interviewee answer in complete sentences Represent story or interview Capture good sound Test microphones Reduce background noise Add music
to create mood Capture list from interviews and story board Visual Sociology avoid leading questions Practice beforehand Websites Books Getting it out there! YouTube Website film festivals (shorts) College TV stations Classes Conferences Sociological
Titles Identify themes/chapters make point; move on (avoid repetition) creating audio/visual poetry Order Build up to your argument Conclude with call to action A first draft
A longer version that will be cut down Initial screening for feedback Feedback from participants? Test audience Ask audience
"what works, what doesn't?" Creating the final version Mastering audio Adding music Adding pictures Adding titles Creating DVD or online platform
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