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EJE - Face to Face

Defining EJE and applying it within a video context

Danni Mulrennan

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of EJE - Face to Face

Yes, but what do we mean? Enhancing Journalism Education In 2010, AUT was invited to participate in a product test with Ryerson University. The result was a 3-way skype between AUT Television and two locations across Toronto. - recruiting and harvesting IT hardware: (iphone, ipad, mac)- using applications/platforms: storify, twitter, blog, skype, google.docs, google plus, google hangout, facebook (environment rejected), AUT email – untangling the complex publishing and archiving of contemporary society which increasingly driven by social media- News mediascape – making it relevant to students via pedagogy: essay writing, teaching news values, social media publishing, social capital -meaningful pictures , storytelling through skype, -international visual collaboration of students across international cultures, learning cultures Enhancing Journalism Education A year ago, AUT again collaborated with Ryerson, this time to produce a world first skype-based television production in the four locations and time zones. The Global City linked between AUT University and Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada, Rutgers University, New Jersey, U.S.A. and Aarhus University, Denmark. The Global City The system we used was a proprietary one which required us to purchase and ship hardware around the world. Issues were lack of flexibility, difficulty to upgrade and overarching cost to run ... so I researched an alternative "Vidyocast" which is PC based, can be downloaded and able to communicate with any University we wish..

Plans to use for projects like World Media Freedom Day, as well as looking at other video social media tools, GOogle hangout (used in COP), and Vine May 17, 2011

Radio and Television Arts professor Richard Grunberg was awarded the 2011 ORION Learning Award for his work on the Global Campus Network.
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