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the Element

Sir Ken Robinson describes the journey and importance of finding one's "Element" in life.

Garrett Young

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of the Element

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Brady, Carl, Christy, Coral, Garrett, Rhys Skit What is special about Gillian's story? But wait...
What is "the Element"? The Details Two conditions must also be met. They are:

1- Attitude - You've gotta want it! It cannot all be luck.
2- Opportunity - What opportunities do you have / make for yourself? We have prepared a short Golden Globe deserving performance of an example that Sir Ken Robinson includes in his book titled "the Element". She was supported by her parents and caring adults, and she found her Element. “The element is the meeting point between natural aptitude and personal passion. When people are in their element they connect to something fundamental to their sense of identity, purpose and well-being.” In order for something to qualify as your Element, two features must be present:

1- Aptitude - You've gotta understand it!
2- Passion - You've gotta love doing it! The Sequence the Element enjoy!
What was Rhys' Gillian's Element? Ken Robinson says that finding one's Element goes as follows:

I understand it! - Aptitude
I love it! - Passion
I want it! - Attitude
How can I get it? - Opportunity how finding your passion changes everything... World Cafe In small groups, tour around the room and discuss some of the questions we have set up. Each table has a different question that relates to "the Element" that is designed to make you think deeper about what Ken Robinson's
"Element" means to you. Have fun, challenge your own thinking, and remember to respect other people's views and opinions! Survey Says... As you are all aware, we made up a quick survey relating to "the Element". Here's how our cohort responded!

Roughly half our passions matched our undergrad or current degree program

11 people listed their passion as teaching

As a group, we are good at everything from art to cooking to writing to listening to hockey to changing diapers to life to dancing to creativity to piano to being family and friends and even to... flirting... ;) As a group, we feel that being successful means:
finding happiness (20)
loving what you do (8)
making money (5)
helping others (3)
fulfilling your dreams (3)
5 answers with (1)
giving your best effort in what you are passionate about (1) What is success? When asked how intelligent we are, we responded:
8-10 (15)
3-7 (8)
How do you measure intelligence? (3)
Common sense, I'm a 10 (1)
You cannot rate intelligence (1)
I am a 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 on all different levels and areas! (1) Robinson, S. K. (2009). The Element: How Finding Your Element Changes Everything. London: The Penguin Group.
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