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sophia E

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Careers

Sophia Enderi Entrepreneur What is an Entrepreneur Eduecation Requirements A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on financial risk to do so. Responsibilities Planning the business
Orginizing the business
Financing the business
Hiring and training employees Employment Benefits Self-employed
Do what you love
Independance and freedom
Ability to make all of the decisions
Design your own schedule
Potentially large income Standard Income Range In the beginning of their careers, Entrepreneurs often make very little to no money
There is no set salary for an entrepreneur as the amount of money made varies greatly from business to business
If the business is successful, it can make millions of dollars Environment The environment that an entrepreneur works in depends on the business that they run
Many entrepreneurs work in offices
Entrepreneurs tend to move around a lot rather than work in one place Skills and Characteristics Communication skills
Leadership skills
Decision making skills
Sales skills
Management skills
Ability to work both as part of a team and independently
Willingness to take risks
Patience Why am I Interested? Passion for business
Experience in business
There's a lot of flexibility in entrepreneurship
Ability to express yourself
No limit in what you can do
Determine whom you work with Disadvantages No steady paycheck
Responsible for all decisions
Big investment Barriers Lack of support
Not enough money
Government policies No eduecation requirements
Universities offer courses that eduecate and help prepare you start your own business Post Secondary Schools University of Toronto
Western University
Wilfrid Laurier University University of Toronto Downtown Toronto
Rotman Commerce Program
one of Canada's oldest and most prestigious undergraduate business programs
Minimum of a mid 80 average required for acceptance Western University London, Ontario
Richard Ivey School of Business
Low to mid-90 average required for acceptance
The Honours Business Administration program offered by the school is ranked as one of the top undergraduate business programs in the world Wilfrid Laurier University Located in Waterloo
Honours Bachelor of Business Administration
High 80 average required for acceptance
One of Canada's leading business schools
Offers a co-op program Wilfrid Laurier University BBA Prerequisite courses: one of ENG4U(English), EWC4U(Writer's Craft) or ETS4U(Studies in Literature), MHF4U(Advanced Functions) at 70%; one of MCV4U(Calculus and Vectors) or MDM4U(Data Management)
A high-80 average is required for acceptance
Undergraduate program is 4 years long Wilfrid Laurier University BBA Tuition and book fees are around $7000 for 5 credits
Tuition tends to be less as most BBA students recieve entrance scholarships
Residence is $5000
Meal plan is $3000 Occupation Availability Businesses can be found everywhere
There are certain areas that consist of more businesses and business opportunities Top Entrepreneurial Cities Canada's most entrepreneurial cities are Calgary, Kelowna, Edmonton, Metro, Vancouver, Quebec City and Toronto
These cities have a high concentration of entrepreneurs and a high business start-up rate Advancement Opportunities No limitations
There is always room for a business to grow and improve
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