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Ag 1.2 What is Agriculture???

No description

Arlee Blaker

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Ag 1.2 What is Agriculture???

Agricultural education
Agricultural law and policy
Animal science
Food science
Natural resources management
Plant science
Soil science
What is Agriculture???
Introduction to Agriculture - Unit #1
I Can...
Define science.
Define agriculture.
Evaluate agricultural practices and determine the relationship between science and agriculture.
Compare and contrast input and output agricultural industries.
The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.
Activities concerned with the production of plants and animals, and the related supplies, services, mechanics, products, processing, and marketing
The application of scientific principles and new technologies to agriculture.
The Natural Sciences
Physical Science
Earth Science
Life Science
Areas of Agriculture
Production Agriculture
Process of raising plants and animals for food, fiber, and fuel.
“Farming”, aka production agriculture, is only a small portion of the industry.
Less than 2% of Americans are involved in production agriculture.
How did the practice of Agriscience begin???
Gregor Mendel applied science principles to research genetic characteristics of pea plants.
The Agriculture Industry
What Agriculture Produces
A common perception:
Production Agriculture
Food, Fiber & Fuel
There is much more on the peripheral....
The following are required in the production of plants and animals...
Agricultural Supplies
Agricultural Services
Research & Development
Food, Fiber, & Fuel
Agricultural Production Industries
Agricultural Services
mechanics, computer technicians, irrigation managers, agronomist, loan officers
Agricultural Supplies
fertilizers, chemicals, machinery and implements, animal feed
Research & Development
geneticists, crop and animal scientists, bio technician, plant breeder
Once produced then what???
Products of agriculture are called commodities. Commodities require post-harvest inputs.
Food, Fiber, & Fuel
Research & Development
Post-Harvest Inputs
packing, canning or freezing, slaughtering, combining commodities for customer use
advertising, product packaging, distribution systems
Research & Development
food scientists, chemists, commodity researchers
by land, air, rail, and water
All of the inputs and production practices required for agricultural commodities to be developed and delivered.
Over 45% of all Americans work in agribusiness related careers compared to only 2% in actual production agriculture.
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