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No description

Afiesha Collins

on 13 January 2016

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Pros & Cons
To every job there are pros and cons.
Peeks, Darryl. "Plans After College: Pros/Cons/ Overcoming Cons." E-mail interview. 8 Jan. 2016. "University of Maryland." Application Deadlines. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Jan. 2016.
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My future goal is to become a Cyber Security analyst because:

help prevent theft of personal and financial info. That hackers seek etc.
Working as a Cyber Security Analyst was something I wanted to do for a long time.
This is a very high and demand in career.
Well how will I get there?
I will get there by..
#1: Graduating Highschool
#2: Begin college applications:
Apply to UMD: Deadline: May 1
Annual Tuition: Room, Meals & Other fees: $30,998.
Application Fee: $40
Only students who want to pursue their major in business, engineering and computer science will be charged additional tuition based on credit hours.
Apply to Tampa University: Deadline: Jan 15- March 1
$40 application fee
Annual Tuition: Room, Meals & Other fees: $36,944
Apply to University of Georgia: Deadline: January 22
application fee: $60
Annual Tuiton: Room, Meals & Other fees: $43,868
#3:Get accepted into college
Complete 4 years: Major in computer science
#4:Earn a bachlors degree in Computer Science
#4: Complete any classes and training to be successful in my field.
I never stop learning and there is never a dull moment
I am helping the nation respond to cyber threats
Also may be able to meet with many companies to evaluate new technology and services.
Information technology and cybersecurity is a constantly moving target.
Everytime there is some type of success malicious actors are identifying new ways to make things worst. Ex. Steal personal information.
Trying to learn and understand everything I need to learn in a short time span.
Trying to learn everything and understand everything in a short period of time is a con because id feel as if i need to cram everything im learning.
By: Afiesha Collins
Overcoming The Cons
I will overcome by cons in this job by:

Never stop learning and networking.
I can go to workshops so that I can learn different techniqes to make my job easier.
Crowd Source where there is a problem that is vetted through multiple industry experts and speak to other people about the prolem in order to overcome the cons.
Always keep my head up and look for new ways/techniques to stop threats etc.

Conducting this interview was something new, out of my comfort zone becuase I had to reach out to someone who was a stranger to me. I enjoyed interviewing Mr. Darryl Peeks because he was very willing to do this interview with me in such short timing. As I was interviewing him I noticed that he had great love for his job and enjoys being a cyber security analyst.
With Mr. Drryl Peeks.
What do you like most about the job?

"The DHS mission is very intriguing to me because it directly impacts me and my quality of life. I not only work as a government employee, but as a concerned citizen who wants to ensure that my family and my friends maintain the quality of life that the United States offers its citizens. That's what really inspires me to wake up and give my best every day in order to reflect the fact that we have a big mission – our mission is to protect the homeland from a cyber perspective and that's what I enjoy."

What’s the most stressful part?

"The job has stress but that is necessary. There are aspects of every organization that are not perfect which are known and discussed. I have spent my career not getting frustrated about the problem but I would see if I can help with the solution by working with team members to solve the problem. There is always opportunities to make a difference and if the environment does not impact your core values there is opportunity to make a difference."

pros of your job:

"The opportunity of my job is that I never stop learning and there is never a dull moment. Whenever I turn on the TV or Radio, there is discussion about cybersecurity. I know when I go to the office I am helping the nation respond to cyber threats. I also am able to meet with all the companies many people dream about to evaluate new technology and services. It is amazing to know that I am at the tip of the spear for cyber and it helps every American."

cons of your job:

"The challenge of information technology and cybersecurity is that it is a constantly moving target. Once there is a ideal solution to address threats and vulnerabilities to systems, malicious actors are identifying new ways to compromise networks and attempt to expose intellectual property and financial information. There is also so much to learn and understand which is difficult in the span of your time in the office."

how do you overcome your cons:

"Never stop learning and networking. There is something that I do called crowd sourcing where a problem or idea that I have are vetted through multiple industry experts. I know a lot of amazing people across government and I have developed a reputation of being a thought leader which they are interested in sharing. There is a importance that I research and understand until I come to a wall. Once the wall is met, I reach out to those who may have the answer or can point me in the right direction. "
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