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No description

Shubh Singh

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Tailorder

Tailorder Discover great local restaurants The Problem Facing Customers:

Restaurant sites are fragmented
Review sites don't help answer: "Where should I eat?"

Facing Businesses:

Difficult to capture the attention of new customers
Hard to get good customer feedback The Solution Web platform where users can discover, share, and order food from restaurants TAILORDER DISCOVER ORDER SHARE USER BENEFITS:
3) RESULTS ARE SUBJECTIVE TO YOU Market Validation % Independently Owned Restaurants
DO NOT Have Mobile Sites % DO NOT Have Menus That Can Be
Read Online % DO NOT Even Have A Standard
Website *Based On Empirical Study of 2000 Restaurants Conducted By Restaurant Science Published March 2012* Market Size
Smartphone Users
Within USA
Smartphone Owners Use It To Search For Local Restaurants *Based On eMarketers Research Study Published March 2012* 106 MILLION 65% Our Product 1) Search + Discover 2) Confirm Order 3) Share Experience Business Model 10% fee for each customer we bring to your restaurant via Tailorder

"Sponsored Links"

We charge extra for featured real estate our platform (Think Groupon, but much cheaper!) Competition Competitive Advantages Personalized User Experience

Design and Branding Contact Us .com
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