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No description

sarah s

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Pressent

By: Sarah Swinden Characters Looking For Alibrandi By: Melina Marchetta Themes

“ ’Forget it, Josephine. We’ll both be happier. I can associate with my own kind and you won’t have to put up with some culture less Aussie with no heart and soul.’ ” [Jacob to Josie] (p. 208)

"And the Aussie kids with the piece of meat between their bread probably envied you." (pg.150)

"I might not be a great university scholar,but Im good with my hands........ (pg.169)

"There's nothing to look forward to any more if you don't have dreams" .(pg.239)

"He, instead, wore the oldest jeans I have ever seen and his jumper had holes in the sleeves." (pg. 120)

"Get off my back, women. I wear what I wanna wear and I speak the way I wanna speak." Jacob Coote - Josie Alibrandi (pg. 122) Jacob Coote (Josephine's boyfriend) Physical:

Mental: brown hair shoulder-length
green eyes Growing up
“ ‘Your problems are out there, I believe that. But they’re small. They only grow out of proportion when they climb inside your head. They grow because of insignificant people like Carly and Poison Ivy and Sera who feed on them because they know how you feel.’ ” [Lee to Josie] (p.146) “I’m beginning to realize that things don’t turn out the way you want them to. And sometimes, when they don’t, they can turn out just a little bit better.” (p. 155) Conflict Man vs. Self Josie: “I was wrong, I thought to myself. I honestly believed it. Not because Sister Louise told me or because she made me believe that I was. I knew deep down that I was wrong.....(p. 185) “I began to realise that it didn’t matter what others thought about what was right and wrong. It only mattered how you felt and personally I could be with anyone of any profession if their personality was like Jacob’s.” (p. 190) “ Suddenly I began to cry but I think I cried more out of relief than self-pity. Relief because I was beginning to feel free. From whom? Myself I think.” (p. 221)
"It was weird sitting opposite Michael Andretti. I kept on thinking to myself 'He's your father. He's your father' and the reason it was weird was because i really loved the whole atmosphere of it." Josie Alibrandi (pg. 127) Plot Denouement
(End) “You know, a wonderful thing happened to me when I reflected back on my year. ‘One day’ came. Because finally I understood.” (p. 261) Thank you for listening I hoped you enjoyed it Reaching For Expectedness
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