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Copy of Chinese Philosophy

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on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Chinese Philosophy

Chinese Philosophy Confucianism Taoism Buddhism Three Major Philosophies 1. Confucianism 2. Taoism 3. Buddhism Founder Major Beliefs Impact on China CONFUCIUS
-All people should be educated
- educated people should be LEADERS
- All people are born GOOD 5 RELATIONSHIPS
1. Ruler / Subject
2. Father / Son
3. Older Sibling / Younger Sibling
4. Husband / Wife
5. Friend / Friend (Only Equal Relationship)

Mandate of Heaven
* right to rule given from heaven;
* only if rulers are just and fair
* can be taken away if not good/fair rulers *Helped to bring peace to China * Stabilized society *Created CIVIL SERVICE EXAM
- exam to earn a better government job
- made education important
+ allowed for social mobility (move up in
class through education) Founder Major Beliefs Impact on China DAO/TAO
'the way' -Links people to nature
-Live in a natural way
-Live a simple life
-Find balance with natural world Anything from NATURE is better than things MAN MADE Yin-Yang Tai-Chi Acupuncture FOUNDER Siddhartha Gautama Major Beliefs Impact on China Many people converted to buddhism * Gave hope of an after life to people SILK ROAD
*trade route from China to rest of the world; helped to spread Buddhism throughout China Desire is cause of suffering 4 noble truths Noble 8fold path Want of Nothing
--Nirvana Laozi or Lao Tzu Author of 'Tao Te Ching' or 'Dao De Jing' *unseen forces which balance out the universe 1. all life is suffering and pain
2. suffering and pain are caused by desire
3. to end suffering one must overcome desire
4. to overcome desire one must follow the Middle Way
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