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Entertainment in the Future!

No description

susanna tinnion

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Entertainment in the Future!

I have based my topic on entertainment in the future. i have done some research, on the entertainment in the future. ENTERTAINMENT IN THE FUTURE! This is a holographic TV on your wrist. It has claimed to be coming out in 2017. That's only five years time.
Televisions have changed incredibly in the last century.
Televisions were initially meant to be educational. But today, its effected how we work and live. Future Entertainment 1925 2011 (cc) image by jantik on Flickr in 1925 television was invented. it was in black and white. in 1996 television in colour started coming through. BBC- broadcasts colour TV in 1966 the 3D television was brought onto the market for sale to the general public. experts predict how tv will look like in the future! entertainment has changed rapidly over the past century. imagine if you could step into the television and be on tv....well that might be able to happen in the future! ... small microsoft are predicting what their next goal will be for the future of entertainment in this video there is allot of future technology/entertainment, it mentions about devices that will translate hearing and turns them into pictures so death people are aware what noises are going around them. Entertainment in the future! maybe robots will be around in the future!

Electrical engineers, psychologists, surgeons and more work together creating robots of the future Robots can also evoke an emotional response in us. The Pleo dinosaur robot toy is a good example. People tend to look at Pleo as if it were a real pet. The robot reacts to stimuli and simulates an animal's responses. It seems to be able to express happiness, fear, frustration and even pain Thanks for watching my presentation!
-susanna tinnion:)
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