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Mission is to decode....And Improve Access and Care Across Boundaries

joan perl

on 26 December 2012

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Transcript of Telehealth

Mission Decode Definition Find Clues to use technologies Explore the future Are student nurses ready? Informatics/Telehealth Research Texting laptops Smart Devices ipads social networks Facebook twitter Virtual
Presence blogs Web 2.0 Technology Health information available Telehealth Health Integration management Communication HIT
Health information technology Science TIGER
Technology Information Guiding Education
Reform QSEN
Quality & Safety
Education for Nurses ANA IOM
Institute of
Medicine Nursing Informatics Defined:
Nursing informatics is the integration of nursing, its information, and information management with information processing and communication technology, to support the health of people world wide.
International Medical Informatics Association Nursing Informatics Special Interest Group (IMIA-NI),adopted August 1998, Seoul, Korea What is your definition of informatics & Telehealth? Why Telehealth?

� What is your definition now? Why now? Why Now? EXECUTIVE ORDER
"Virtually every other sector of the economy is charging ahead into the 21st centruy, it's time for health care to catch up with this." Secreatary of Health and Human Services, 2004 What is the promise of
HIT/Telehealth? into Nursing Do you choose to accept the assignment? Quality health care
When You Need It Virtual Presence Reduce cost & readmissins Access to care is enhanced mHealth: mobile health
eHealth: electronic health
Wearable technologies
Personalize care Legal & Regulatory Issues Personal Health Records (PHRs) Improve Population Health ePatients Individual-focused Health Care and Global Health Transformation of Care Virtual health information access and use by care providers, and by people Benefits: public health, biomedical research, quality improvement, education
and emergency preparedness information management Nursing
Process and Practice 1920s Health Care Any Where at Any Time Outcomes How can you share and use information and communication technologies (ICT)
& Telehealth to enhance care and outcomes? Bad Health Technologies Can Kill January 13, 2005 Automating processes in medicine has been widely touted by both the health care industry and lawmakers as a way to improve efficiency and reduce errors. However, a recent report by not-for-profit drug industry standards group U.S. Pharmacopeia found that medication errors associated with computer entry are growing steadily. Mistakes associated with computer entry were the fourth leading cause of error in 2003, compared with the seventh leading cause in 2000, according to the report. Computer entry errors are defined by MedMARx, USP's national database for medication errors, as "incorrect or incomplete entry of information into a computer system that is associated with the medication use process," according to the report. 8. Extending the scope of health care beyond its conventional boundaries.
10. Equity - to make health care more equitable is one of the promises of e-health, but at the same time there is a considerable threat that e-health may deepen the gap between the "haves" and "have-nots".
9. Ethics - e-health involves new forms of patient-physician interaction and poses new challenges and threats to ethical issues such as online professional practice, informed consent, privacy and equity issues. 7. Enabling information exchange and communication in a standardized way between health care establishments. 5. Encouragement of a new relationship between the patient and health professional, towards a true partnership, where decisions are made in a shared manner. 6. Education of physicians through online sources (continuing medical education) and consumers (health education, tailored preventive information for consumers) 3. Evidence based - e-health interventions should be evidence-based in a sense that their effectiveness and efficiency should not be assumed but proven by rigorous scientific evaluation. 10 "E" characteristics" Globalization, Busy Lives,
Underserved, Aging Population Simulation Goal 1:
•Inform Clinical Practice
•Incentivize E H R Adoption, Reduce
risk of non care, Promote
Care in Rural and Underserved Areas Goal 2:
• Interconnect Clinicians
• Foster Regional Collaboration,
• Develop and Coordinate Federal Health
• Information Systems Nurses Goal 3:
• Personalize Care
•Use of , Enhancement of Informed Customer Choice, and Promotion of Telehealth Systems Goal 4:
•Unify surveillance activities, streamline quality and health status monitoring, and dissemination of evidence into practice If you choose not to take this assignment we will all self destruct soon! NLN AACN Attitudes Involvement in the design Health 2.0 Tools Telehealth...? Together we make a difference 4. Empowerment of consumers and patients - by making the knowledge bases of medicine and
personal electronic records accessible to consumers over the Internet, e-health opens
new avenues for patient-centered medicine, and enables evidence-based
patient choice. 2. Enhancing quality of care - increasing efficiency involves not only reducing costs, but at the same time improving quality. 1. Efficiency - one of the promises of e-health is to increase efficiency in health care, thereby decreasing costs. It is Not About
The Technology... It is About Making Connections with People It Is NOT About the Technology It Is About Making Connections With People Your Future or Now? Ergonomidesign - The Future of Integrated Health Care 2015 Jennifer's
Telehealth Welcome to Your
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