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CDC 2014 Presentation

Presented by Heather Press and Scot Durward at the 2014 BC Career Development Conference: Partnering for Tomorrow's Workforce

Mike Doran

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of CDC 2014 Presentation

Growing mismatch between labour market supply and demand

Over one million job openings expected in B.C.
from 2010 to 2020

Tight labour market conditions continue with demand for workers exceeding supply

On third of all job openings will need to be filled by new migrants to BC

By 2016 the trades sector will face an overall labour shortage

Who is
Businesses that attract, retain and engage a culturally diverse workforce have a distinct competitive advantage over those that do not.

Canada's best and most innovative companies are also its most diverse.

People are our competitive advantage.

Our People
Are Tolko
Forest products sector exports more than $57 billion in products every year

Canada’s leading exporter to new markets

Represents 12% of Canada's manufacturing GDP

One of Canada's largest employers

Contribution to the economy
Operating in 200 forest-dependent communities from coast to coast

Directly employs 230,000 Canadians across the country

We do this one community at a time…

Myth: There is no future in forestry, it's a sunset industry.

Myth: Forestry is an industry that is pale, male and stale.

Myth: Mills are located in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do.

Myth: I can’t work in a small city and advance my career.

The project
IEC-BC Request for proposals:

Address challenges in hiring, integrating
& retaining new immigrants

Help employers meet labour needs today
& in the future

What was in it for Tolko?

Opportunity for partnership – a timely call
for action

Catalyst for creating and maximizing
opportunities for skilled immigrants in BC

Project Themes
Build a culturally diverse website with multiple languages appropriate to our target populations

Project Deliverables
1. Develop a recruiting website with multi-lingual
and multicultural support

2. Create a culturally relevant onboarding program

3. Identify & engage community organizations
& immigrant service agencies

4. Measure outcomes

5. Share best practices and lessons learned

The Bigger Picture

Building Connections

Through knowledge, trust, credibility and a focus on results

Our effectiveness depends on the strength of our connections

The Website
Safe Harbour
What you have

Professional capacity to support your clients

Strong connection to skilled immigrant workers

Expertise & labour market intelligence

Potential for strong connection to businesses

Partners in fostering solutions

What we need

Ability to attract, recruit & engage skilled workers

Communities and job seekers understand our opportunities and employer expectations

Help to understand the labour market

Partners in fostering solutions

Our Partners:


Social Planning Council Williams Lake

Women’s Contact Society

Communities That Care

Immigrant & Multicultural Services Society

What we learned
Not everybody “gets it” right away

“Whole Family” approach

Involve the community – work is only one
aspect of people’s lives

Safe Harbour

Our employees are living proof that we
are a diverse workforce

Value of Onboarding
Evaluation of Tolko’s onboarding process

Made changes to incorporate support systems

Buddy system

Beyond where to find things at work – where to find supports and services within the community

So What?
This is about making BC competitive in the
global marketplace

We can’t do it alone - if we’re going to be successful
we need to work together

We are Open for Business
How can we help?

What do you need from us?

With you!
What does success
look like?
Encourage skilled immigrants to consider the forest industry
Awareness & Information
Recruitment & Retention
Culturally inclusive orientation
& onboarding program

Why Are We Here?
Capacity Building Support
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