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Film Studies - FM4 - Vertigo - revision recap

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louisa cunningham

on 1 May 2018

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Transcript of Film Studies - FM4 - Vertigo - revision recap

FM4 - CLOSE CRITICAL STUDY REVISION RECAP Exam Requirements Hitchcock as Auteur / body of work Vertigo - the Film Critical Reception Key Sequences Key Issues & Debates Critical Frameworks Exam Questions Themes, Motifs & Symbols Answer ONE question from a choice of 3 Your answer will be marked out of 30 You should allow yourself 45 minutes to answer the question You need to demonstrate your knowledge of the film and understanding of: key issues & debates critical responses & how these have changed over time film form key sequences how different critical theory / frameworks further our understanding of Vertigo How Vertigo can be seen as a Hitchcock Film Have knowledge and understanding of at least 2 other Hitchcock films, which you can compare with Vertigo Be familiar with some of the arguments as to why Hitchcock is seen to be an Auteur Revise and apply the MASTER acronym revise the Auteur theory -
cahiers du Cinema / Andrew Sarris Have a 'bank' of examples from Vertigo and other Hitchcocok films you have studied to help illustrate your ideas about Hitchcock as Auteur know character names main plot / overview of the story of the film narrative structure identify cinematic devices use of technical elements narrative theory have a personal response as spectator which are the key sequences for you? how do you respond to the film how has your response or understanding of the film developed with each viewing? how did film critics respond to it at the time of release? time codes / chapter numbers how have film critics responded to Vertigo more recently? which film critics or theorists can you refer to when discussing critical reception what are their main ideas revise term Spectatorship & be able to illustrate idea of spectatorship with examples from the film revise term Canon and be able to show how Vertigo has been canonised by film critics and theorists sight and sound critics poll Truffaut - Cahiers du Cinema & Auteur theories what negative / positive criticisms were made why have critical responses to Vertigo changed over time? watch the key sequences and know the following in detail: use of technical elements in the sequences sequences that become before and after time codes / DVD chp significance of sequence to the plot significance of sequence to the narrative structure which key issues / debates can you identify in the sequence? which critical perspectives can be applied to the sequence? camerawork mise-en-scene - locations / motifs & symbols sound editing techniques role of the characters in the sequence plot & narrative 5 'issues' are seen to form the key debates in critical writing about Vertigo: pure cinema / film form use of camera & mise-en-scene in particular characters spectatorship film canon 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. what are the main themes? what are the motifs in the film? which do you think are the most significant / useful? have clear definitions of the terms what are the key symbols? be able to discuss these with detailed analysis from a number of sequences 5 critical perspectives studied in relation to Vertigo Auteur Theory Feminist Theory - Representation of Women Feminist Theory -
Masculinity in Crisis Psychoanalytical Theory - Rescue Fantasy Cultural Marxism -
Film as a commercial product for each, be able to identify: key theorists their ideas sequences from the film to support / challenge their ideas what elements of Vertigo it helps us to understand which 'critical framework' you think is most useful / helpful in developing your understanding of Vertigo look at each of the exam papers & familiarise yourself with the structure of 'sections' & questions make sure your notes relate to each of the 3 different 'types' of questions you might have for Section C? practice answering each of the different 'types' of questions - don't just focus on one 'type' - too risky make paragraph plans - to help you organise answers and aid memory recall and finally...all the content you need to help you revise has been studied in class...you can also go back to this by using the candifilmstudies blog...www.candifilmstudies.blogspot.com Good Luck!!
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