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Racism in North America

My English presentation on racism. Hope you like it : )

Hailey Bate

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Racism in North America

Racism in North America
It's 2013, everyone. So why is racism still around?
Most people realize that judging people on the colour of their skin is WRONG.
So why is it embedded in our culture?
After Obama's reelection, numerous people threw racist insults at him over Twitter (jezebel.com). Most were teens. Why?
One night, the two sportscasters on TSN happened to be Indian.
Thus came the onslaught of people basically
suggesting Indian people don't know anything
about hockey.
There was a study led by Shannon Rauch, an assistant
professor of psychology at Providence College, where
623 people who were sent 3 Facebook notes. Two were blatantly racist. One was anti-racist. The people who went on Facebook most often were more likely to believe the racist notes.
So Facebook could, possibly, make you a racist.
In case you don't understand how wrong this is, here are some lovely little posts, tweets and more, some of which I found off the Tumblr blog "Hello There, Racists!"
"I hate fat people....hispanics, go back to mexico....japanese,I'm happy of what happened in japan : ) all asians should die!....I hate black people....don't follow me i you aren't skinny and white." -Kayla Brooke, off Tumblr
"If I were invited to the White House, I'd spit in the President's face." -Tana Montana, off Twitter
"Yeah, 'cause I totally torched the school."
"I didn't know you were black!" -Owen, in school.
"Why is there a black president in the White House?" -Owen, ALSO IN SCHOOL
(I kid you not).
Social media has definitely become a big place to share cruelty. Take the TSN incident.
Skin colour is decided by the amount of melanin in the body. Melanin is the chemical that colours our bodies.
This is what's dividing us? Different levels of a chemical?
We all need to come together and realize that everyone is made equal.
Hey, look!
It's all part of the bigger picture.
Now, for some ways to stop racism in your friends and family, courtesy of EverydayLife.com.
1. Expose yourselves to different cultures
2. Be open about your opinions, you need to get your beliefs out there.
3. Encourage your friends to join culture clubs and participate in activities like Mix It Up Day.
4. Practice what you preach!
We can change.
The next generation does not have to be the same as their forefathers.
Racism is a plague.
Remember that the next time you cross paths with this monstrosity.
Half of Canadians think racism is on the rise (Canadian Race Relations Foundation).
While most people think kids learn racism from their parents, many learn racism from TV. (WikiHow.com).
From all the books, music and movies bombarded at us full of racist inferences, it's easy to believe it.
Don't forget the Miss America pageant. Only nine non-white women have ever won. In 88 years. (diverseeducation.com).
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