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OprahWinfrey:Risk Taker

No description

Kaylee Zuniga

on 14 March 2016

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Transcript of OprahWinfrey:Risk Taker

OprahWinfrey:Risk Taker
By Kaylee Zuniga
Oprah's Beginning
Oprah started out with problems but gradually went up. She has impacted my life. I loved watching her show. Her positive attitude inspires me so much. I believe she is a riskatker and always will.
Thank you!
I consider Oprah as a risktaker because she pursued her dreams when she had many reasons not to. Another reason is how she started owning her own production company as well as channel. These reasons got me to realize that she clearly takes risks.
Production Company and Channel
Another reason I think Oprah is a risktaker is because she started owning a production company as well as her own channel. Her company is named HARPO (Oprah backwards). Unfortunately, it recently ran to an end. She has decided to keep her focus on her channel(OWN). She deliberately gave up her company to maintain her schedule flexible. I consider that a risk because she did the right thing even though she could've just let it pile on.
Pursuing her dreams
One of the main reasons I believe that Oprah is a risktaker is how she pursued her dreams. At seven years old she moved in with her mother and it went downhill there. As she was going into adolescense she started getting sexually abused by a number of male relatives and friends of her mother. Once she was a bit older she decided to move with her father. For Oprah this was the moment that she changed. Of course she had some temtations, such as drugs, rebellious behavior, and even lost a baby prematurely, but she gathered all of this and decided to learn from it. Through all of these complications, she strived and excelled .
Some people think the opposite. They say that Oprah hasnt earned her recent accomplishments. That her company granted all of her goals. HARPO helped her show and made her even more famous but she worked for her company. Basically she worked for all she's gotten. She had a tough life but dealt through it and conquered.
On january 29, 1954 a little girl was born. she didn't know it at the time but she would amount to much. At he time of her birth, her mother had decided to name her Orpah. She changed her mind at the last minute beacuse she was afraid that nobody would know how to pronounce or spell it. Her mother wasn't the best caregiver for her at the moment so she lived the first seven years of her life with her grandparents.
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