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A Complicated Kindness


Ishmam Hasan

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of A Complicated Kindness

A Complicated Kindness By: Miriam Toews T o p i c L O V E heme Love makes life's misfortunes more bearable Setting East Village small Mennonite town oyal Anabaptist Followers pressive Environment ery Boring Place veryone Knowns Everyone L
E Characters The Nickels Naomi (Nomi) [Before]
main character, narrator
12-13 years old
innocent child
follows town rules, & religion
has to take care of her father Ray
Nomi's father
silent, modest
extremely religious
suffering from loss of daughter and wife Trudie
Nomi's mother
excommunicated after yelling at her brother (The Mouth)
left 3 months after her daughter Natasha (Tash)
Nomi's disobedient sister
became an aesthiest
left town with her boyfriend
actions were mimicked by younger sister Naomi (Nomi) [After]
16 years old
rebellious teenager
does drugs, skips school
yells at her father
still there for Ray The Mouth (Hans)
Trudie's brother
religious leader of town Travis
Nomi's boyfriend
drug addict
changes Nomi into rebel Other Characters Climax Plot
(Action) The Conflict: The Nickel family are trapped Inclining Incidents: Tash leaves town Trudie flips on Hans, gets banished Nomi hangs with Travis, and undergoes change Travis leaves Nomi Nomi sets fire, gets banned Ray leaves town, giving Nomi everything Nomi leaves town Declining Incident Nickel family no longer lives in Mennonite town Style unique and realistic beautifully written sentences powerful, engaging metaphors dialogue without quotation marks Mood Sad. Depressing. Loneliness. With a shimmer of hope Symbolism remember the chicken? YES! important? Voice Saracasm used heavily even in the toughest times sometimes childish Examples of Theme All You Need is Love The Beatles Journey Don't Stop Believing Purpose? So what was the If you believe in love for one another, great hardships can be endured often cheeky sardonic Always funny
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