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cOMPUTER network

No description

Layla Herrera

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of cOMPUTER network

Computer Network
Types Of Computer Networks
Basic Elements In A Network
Local Area Network (LAN)
Limited geographical area.
Common network.
Advantages:Fast,simplifies the administration of the network and they are personal networks.
LAN networks can be also classified depending on the way the different set of computers are connected to each other:
Uses just one backbone wire which finishes in the both ends.
Simple installation
Slow traffic of data
Failure in the wire can interrupt all the transmissions.
All the stations are connected to a central point in this network
Necessarily thought this point,
Advantage doesn't matter if one of them stops working, the other computers continue working.
Connecting several computers to a common network.
Data goes through all the different computers, till it reaches the desire one.
If there is a problem of links, this will produce a general breakdown.
Multiple LAN’s connected geographically nearby
Allow two computers to be part of the same local area network.
A MAN is composed of switches or routers connected together by high-speed connections (fiber optic)
Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
Connects multiple LAN’s together.
Large geographical distances.
Speed depends on the cost of the network.
WAN operate with routers.
Wide Area Network (WAN)
Network card
Sends and also receives info. to other computers.
Using a wire or just the air if it is a wireless connection.
It can be integrated in the computer motherboard or on a separate card.
Central device where all the computers that belong to the same network plug in.
The hub distributes all the information it receives between the other computers.
Same function as hub.
Smart hub.
Routers work us a hub that distributes Internet connection.
They update by their own their routing information.
All this devices are connected to each other thanks to:
Two devices
Electrical pulses
Coaxial Cables
Inner conductor which is enclosed by a flexible insulating cover.
Electrical pulses.
Fibre Optic Cable
More expensive
Uses laser or LED light signals
Low expense of setting up a network.
The "media" for a wireless network is the air.
Transmit radio signals that carry information.

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