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atir noget

on 1 January 2014

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Transcript of PRESUME'

If you want, let's look better
Now my skills
My name is Rita Tegon.
I'm a teacher of ancient Greek
and Latin. Live in Treviso, Italy.

Let me give you a pair of good glasses
for a better look of my Prezumé

1988 degree in ancient Philology (Padua University)
2011 degree in Law (Perugia University)
2009 I level Master in Policies of the school management
II level Master in Communication management (in progress)
Sorry, not these skills now :(

Why would you make the best Prezi Educator?

God, my education!
Not this way

You are no longer the center of learning. So flipp your class and give a look to the six learnings of KENNETH Y T LIM (NIE, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore):
Learning by exploring;
Learning by collaborating
Learning by being;
Learning by building;
Learning by championing;
Learning by expressing.

How would you like to partner with other educators to advance engagement in the classroom?

What is the most innovative thing you have done in the classroom? What was the impact?
Use of flying carpet in virtual worlds for teaching and learning.
It looks magic, doesn't it? Anyway, it was.
Don't ask me more: Just let me dream.
Few more seconds to answer to your questions.
Please, don't ask more. Be silent and...
Just let me dream
tribute of Rita Tegon to inspiring Fornasetti's creations.
... give me back my glasses!
Thank you for your attention but...
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