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nigerian culture

No description

Bridgette Robb

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of nigerian culture

what issues regarding product might be important to them? NIGERIAN CULTURE NIGERIAN WEDDING FACTS Nigerian weddings takes place among families, friends and well wishers. A Nigerian wedding takes three to four different stages from the formal introduction , to the paying of dowry , traditional marriages where every member of the family , extended family and friend are invited. while the church wedding happens to be the last stage of marriage in Nigeria.they usually wear Indian fabric and beautiful corals -beaded headpiece , ankle bracelets and necklaces NIGERIAN SPORTS Types of sports in Nigeria football boxing table tennis lawn tennis basketball swimming hockey Today there is a new dimension to sports in Nigeria with emphasis not only on the physical and mental development but also financial encouragement from government for individual sportsmen and women. Nigerian clothing Nigerian clothing is unique and attractive. The material for Nigerian clothing are lace Jacquard , aider and Ankara. The people are also fond of tie and die material.Nigerians put on a range of clothes which includes both traditional and western dressing. they take pride in wearing their traditional attire. Nigerian food Nigerian food consist of dishes or food items from the hundreds of ethnics that comprise the west African nation of Nigeria. Like other west African cuisines , it uses spices , herbs in conjunction with palm oil or ground nut oil to create deeply flavored sauces and soups often made very hot with chili peppers. Nigerian feasts are colorful and lavish FIVE QUESTION Bibliography THE END www.Total - Facts - about -Nigeria.com www.Nigeria planet.com www.onlinenigeria.com 1.) What are the three stages of a Nigerian wedding?
2.) How many sports do they have?

3.) What is the name of their clothing?
4.) What do Nigerian weddings and USA weddings have in common?
5.) What are Nigerians national foods?
#1 Introduction Ceremony, Engagement Ceremony, Wedding ANSWERS #2 7 #3 Boubou #4 The father gives the bride away, the women agree to be married, and there is a ceremony. #5 Nigerian Stew, Procedure, and Spiced Boiled Yams Even though Nigeria, Jamaica and United States America are different countries they have many things in common. For insists they have some holidays that we commonly share, New Year's Day; Christmas; Easter Monday, etc. Things they also have in common are that they have an interest in soccer, which is known around the world for its fast going sport. Even though these countries are not together we share a couple of thing amongst ourselves
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