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Caribbean Cruise Project

No description

Alfredo Marcjanik

on 4 March 2011

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Transcript of Caribbean Cruise Project

Vist the AquaBananas
Cruise Lines S.S. Sea Banana Day 1 : Jamaica Green Grotto Caves Jamaica's natural limestone caves. Day 11: Cayman island A place where you can swim with the stingrays Day 111: At Sea Day 1v: Costa Rica Allegro Papagayo
Resort Go to the... Peace Lodge And/Or... Located in northern Jamaica, between two cities named Runaway Bay and Discovery Bay. It is called the Green Grotto Caves because of the green algae that grows on its wall. It has a long historical connection with Jamaica. The islands first inhabitants, the Taino people, are thought to have used caves for shelter, and many artifacts found at the site are substantiate to this idea. Historians also believe that the Spanish sought protection in the caves when they battled the british for control island in 1655. Historical Fact Day V Mexico Day V1
Barbados Puerto Vallarta its somewhere you would want to go visit. it has fun activites to do like Golf They have three zones,The Xtreme Zone,Game Zone, and the Chill zone going to Day VI Nassau You can go to the Atlantis
island A place where you can swim with the dolphins Day V11
St.Martin You can vist the Eden Villa A villa that you can enjoy
the pool and freash air And/Or The Kiwi Villa We hope you had
great trip WORD!!!! Day V111
Returning to Miami. Departure from Miami 10:01 ( Fashionably Late )
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