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Social Psychology

No description

Nancy Frye

on 24 August 2015

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Transcript of Social Psychology

What is Social Psychology?
Addresses questions like:

What is Social Psychology?
Study of how the real or imagined presence of others influences people's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
Social Psychology allows for the prediction of what people will do *on average*
Class Overview
On Blackboard:
Links to Prezis
Link to textbook
Online quizzes
Links to optional papers

--> Make sure you can get on Blackboard!
Available online: http://www.saylor.org/site/textbooks/Principles%20of%20Social%20Psychology.pdf

Class discussion will focus on applications of concepts in the book chapters
Extra credit opportunities
You have two extra credit opportunities for each set of material (i.e., each set of two chapters)
You can earn up to 3 points for each, which will be applied to either your quiz grade or your grade on that part of the final
Social Psychology
Why would people dress like this?
Why does this happen?
When does this
Become this?
or this?
What predicts prejudice and stereotyping?
What predicts these?
What predicts persuasion?
Two main components:
B = f(P, E)
Does not predict what a particular person will do in a particular situation
Does knowing what people will do on average buy us anything?
Is it the same as Sociology?
Sociology focuses on behaviors of groups (e.g., societies, institutions) and group dynamics.

Social Psychology focuses on the behavior of individuals.
One chapter at a time can be opened, if you want to print, through: http://2012books.lardbucket.org/books/social-psychology-principles/
Both sites have links in Blackboard
Be sure to make note of any concepts you're not sure about as you read, and we'll go over them in class
A note of caution about the material
Because Social Psychology addresses people's thoughts, feelings, and behavior, people often overestimate what they know about this area
Introspection doesn't always work to figure out behavior
pantyhose study
Different concepts in Social Psychology may make different predictions about behavior
Focus on learning what predictions each concept and theory make

Application Paper
Due to me via Blackboard the same day the quiz is due

Write a short story

Point out how at least 6 concepts from the chapters covered by the quiz relate to the short story

Be sure that the paper clearly shows your understanding of these concepts and explicitly explains how they relate to the story
"What would you do?"
Set up a "what would you do" scenario on campus (you can work with one other classmate if you want)

This scenario should provide a test or demonstration of at least one concept from the chapters

You must get my okay before you do this

Paper (which is due 1 week after the quiz) should:
explain what you expected to happen and why, based on the relevant chapters
describe what did happen, and how that relates to the relevant chapters
give the date on which I gave my okay

Find the person you're most similar to
in terms of:
Favorite area of Psychology
Where you grew up
For next time...
Skim Chapter 1, and bring in any questions you have on it.
Read Chapter 2. This chapter is on social learning and social cognition.
What kinds of things might social cognition address?
What do you know about this topic already (e.g., from PSY2/PSY4)
Attendance and participation
Every two chapters, there will be an online quiz
There will be an optional final, divided into 6 parts (to correspond to the quizzes)
If you do better on the final, that will replace your quiz grade
If you do worse, your grade will not be affected
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