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Is Homework Harmful or Helpful?

No description

Santasia Hall

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Is Homework Harmful or Helpful?

Is Homework Harmful Or Helpful ? Conclusion Arguments About Why Homework Is Harmful ! Statistics & Reasoning of why Homework is Helpful or Harmful. By: Santasia Hall
English 3
12/19/12 Thesis Statement ! Many students, especially high school students see homework as a burden, but really homework benefits students and their grades. Homework, is defined as an out of class task assigned to students to help them practice and prepare for their future. Parents say that teachers require it and teachers say that parents said its not needed. Teachers assign homework to help some students improve their grade. Can homework be harmful or helpful? This will turn into arguments and disagreements but everybody has their own opinion right so of course some people is going to choose harmful and some will choose helpful. Sometimes, homework is a waste of time because if the students do not do their classwork then what makes you think they are going to do their homework? Homework can take away from other things you have planned to do after school, such as sports,hanging out with friends, or spending time with your family. You can have extra curriculum activities after school and does not have time to finish your homework because when you come home your going to be ready to shower and relax, your not going to be worrying about homework. Students who does not complete their homework most likely end up with a failing grade. Homework and classwork are the most important part of your grade and education. If you have homework from every class it can cause stress on the student. Teachers don't understand every class a student takes most likely they are going to have homework and some teachers give more than one worksheet and that's too much. Quote "Being a writer is like having homework every night for the rest of your life.
-Lawrence Kasdan Logos 1, 2, And 3 ! Homework is helpful because it helps the students study and gain knowledge that is helpful to pass the grade and school for their adult life. "Homework is as much about developing good home working habits as the work itself." Homework is helpful because it gives the students more practice with whatever classwork they did. Homework is helpful because it is practice for what you are going to do in college and in the real world. "i will no go into a story unprepared. I will do my homework, and that's something i learned at an early age." If you do your homework in high school and understand it really well you will have a easy way through college because when you don't understand you can always go back and think about the homework and practice you did. Finishing your homework is the key to leading a happy and successful life. By doing your and having a high GPA in high school and college you will be presented with alot of opportunities in life. Homework can bring together children, parents, and teachers in a common way by improving student learning. Students wo complete their homework successful improve their chances for academic success. But Homework develops habits and attitudes that work to a student advantage far beyond the classroom. Qualites like self discipline, responsibility, and a love of learning benefit students throughout their lives. Are There Any Questions Pathos 1, And 2 There is many experience of people not doing homework and dropping out and becoming poor and having sorry jobs. If you do not do your homework in high school and you don't never understand when you get to college you are going to have a hard time. http://www.ncwiseowl.org/ Works Cited www.google.com The End :) Most likely if you dont do your homework in high school you are going to have a hard time in school then you might drop out then you are going to try an get a job and if you get one most likely it would not be a good one. Not doing homework can cause alot of trouble in your life dropping out, then getting a sorry job, then if you get a sorry job sometimes you dont make enough money then you become poor and you would be struggling the rest of your life. "One of life's most painful moments comes when we must admit that we didn't do our homework and that we are not prepared." -Merlin Olsen
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