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Beauty and the Beast

No description

Ruby tracy

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Setting This story takes place at the town,but mostly at the Beast's castle. The setting of a story is the time and place where it takes place. Character The main characters in this story are Belle,the
Beast,Gaston,Maurice,and the kitchen accessories(candle,teapot,etc.) The characters are the people,animals,or things that interact in a story. Theme The theme of this story is "Being mean has a consequence." The theme is the lesson that you learn in the story. Ruby Tracy PLOT The plot of this story is that they are trying to get Belle to fall in love with the beast. The plot of a story is the series of events,It's sort of like the main idea. Conflict The conflict of this story is that if their not careful,the Beast and the kitchen accessories could stay cursed forever! The conflict of a story is the problem. Oh,No! Conflict Rising Action The rising action of Beauty and the Beast is when Belle takes her Father's place as prisoner in the Beast's castle and when Belle actually starts to like the Beast. The rising action in a story is an event that leads up to the climax.The rising action usually makes a big impact on the story. Falling Action The falling action of Beauty and the Beast is when the Beast turns back into a human and when the kitchen accessories are human again. The falling action in a story is what happens after the climax. Resolution The resolution of Beauty and the Beast is when Prince Adam(the beast) and Belle are dancing in the ballroom. The resolution of a story is when you find out what happens to the characters at the end of the story. May I have this dance? THE
END Thanks for watching!
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