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Drama experience

No description

Aimi Wagner

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Drama experience

Drama experience Comfort zone No effort Slacking No interest No understanding Me in the beginning! Just confused Journal entries "C - Aimee - You will need to do more work in this class" "Today....." Wrong impression More playing,
less working. New adjustments Acting, playing all year round Doubt John Patrick Book was sort of interesting "At first, I didn’t know much about the story, just reading out the lines." "I also realised that I had more trouble getting into character than the rest of my group." "At the beginning I never thought, that I would be able to do my lines without the book." No confidence Working as a group More pressure Harder More realisation "Being in front of the crowd was making things hard, but at the same time it made it easier for me staying focused and doing a better job. " Nervosity Performing in front of a crowd Less confidence Most enjoyable, important part of the year Improv Just observing, watching COMFORT ZONE! Felt like I accomplished something One step out of my comfortzone Keith Johnstone Quite inspiring Some connection Raising your status Get accepted into society Act as someone your not Imperfection "Watching them made me feel as if I didn’t put enough effort into my work." Improved over time. Insecurity The Stick Confused and lost Absolute failure No participation Sotryboarding overwhelming Unorganised Dead man's cellphone confused...again lazy, slowing down
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