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kendell barnes

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of career

career shadowing By: Kendell Barnes The purpose of Huff's LLC is to transport vehicles. Hopefully this company will have expanded to a larger company that is capable of hauling heavier loads and more cars in one load. Also they would like to have more trucks to use. What is the purpose of this company? Where will this company be in fifteen years? What employability skills are needed to work for this company? To work for huff's LLC you needed to have good communication and customer service skills What is the average salary and what type of education do you need to work for Huff's LLC? There is no average salary because it depends on how long you would like to work. Also there is not specific type education that you need to work for Huff's LLC, you just need to have good driving skills. Technology used in this job 1. lap top to navigate.
2. navigationtion system.
3. also they use a lap top to find objects that need to be hauled. Skills that are needed to work for Huff's LLC Some of the skills that are needed to work for Huff's LLC are communication, driving, and customer service. Huff's LLC Would i like to persue a career with this company? I would not like to persue one but if it was nessesary to take this job then i would. What did i like about this job? What i like about this job is all the different types of trucks and cars that you get to see also all the places that you would get to travel to. What did i dislike about this job? What i dislike about this job is how dirty your hands get when you are working with the straps and the cars. THE END.
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