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The House on Mango Street

No description

Prisilla Vang

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of The House on Mango Street

Hair Name Esperanza:
1. English: Hope
2. Spanish: too many letters, sadness, waiting,
number nine, muddy color, the
the mexican records
3. Great-grandmother's name The House on
Mango Street The Three symbols in the book,
The House on Mango Street Symbolization Prisilla Vang
Julia Hebbe
Reyna Velaquez
Mod 04 Represents Personalities Papa Broom-like
Hair *Always taking care
of his family and
rushing Mama Like Rosettes, little
candy circles all curly
and pretty *Sweet, safe, warmth,
and peace Carlos Thick and Straight
(No need to comb) *Mature and
Responsible Nenny Slippery-like hair
(slides out of
and rebellious Esperanza Lazy-like hair *Lazy and
lay back Kiki Hair like Fur *Soft and Gentle,
but rough Represents life's hardship 1. Front: red, small, tight steps, tiny
window, bricks crumbling, must
push hard to open front door
2. Back: small garage, small yard
3. Inside: ordinary stairs, one washroom, one
bedroom (everyone share)
4. Different from American Dream
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