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Career Cruising: LAWYER

Kimberly Kate Rosos says: hahahahhahaha! :P double rainbow all the way!

Silvia Nguyen

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Career Cruising: LAWYER

What do I want to be when i grow up? a doctor? a teacher? a travel agent? I don't know for sure yet The career i chose for myself is a LAWYER The reason why I chose this as my career choice is because: it allows me to argue with people i get to read alot i get to help people it has good pay and I get to talk alot The type of education that I will need will be 3-4 years in university and about 3 years in law school I will need to earn an admission to practice law (lisence) i will need to earn my citizenship and get my degree in "the law", which includes passing an exam and gaining experience the skills that i will need in order to become a proper lawyer is the following Analytical skills Critical thinking skills Knowledge of the law Proficiency in legal research and legal writing To be able to both defend and accuse etc How I will obtain these skills will be through the years of schooling that i mentioned earlier becoming an apprentice under someone who is very experienced or gaining experience myself in court the average of a lawyer's working hours is about 60+ hours per week and I will have about 3-5 weeks of vacation per year The average yearly salary for a LAWYER is 100-600k per year there are many types of lawyers, and depending on the type you are, your yearly salary would varie, but that is about avera There are many types of LAYWERS out there, but generally, they advocate their clients rights on their behalf (defend or accuse). They also help their clients make informed and educated legal decisions Some interesting facts about my career choice would include the following: about 27% of lawyers are self-employed, either as partners in law firms or in solo practice formal requirements to become a lawyer usually include a 4- year written college degree, 3 years in law school and a passing written bar exam lawyers are also called attourneys wages tend to range from 41-111 K per year one lawyer exists for every 300 people in the United States studies showing that male lawyers between ages 20 and 64 are twice as likely to die from suicide than men in the same age range in other professions Other researchers found that female lawyers have high divorce rates, and many attorneys say they suffer from anxiety several times a month. That concludes my Career Cruising Presentation Made by: Silvia Nguyen the job requires alot of desk work, but i will also be expected to travel to meet my clients or do research So whether i am on the road or in an office, it really depends on the case that i will be working on the job market for lawyers is always changing since there are many different types of lawyers such as: Criminal Lawyers Business Lawyers Civil Lawyers etc. Unfortunetly for current lawyers, the job market for them is currently dropping Fortunetly for me.... that means when i become a lawyer in the future the job market will be in better condition! which means more jobs which means more money! hahahahahahaha Kim was here im so cool :O
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