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No description

Earl Belen

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of https://adobeid.services.adobe.com/verify/en_US/BQT1CP3MJ12A

Red Dead Redemption revolves around an outlaw named John Marston who is trying to clear his name by helping the lawmen, finding his old collegue. In his early days he was part of an organized group of outlaws called The Dutch Gang, but he was shot in a heist and was left to die by his gang. After a couple months he came back and visited his old gang looking for answer but instead his collegue, Bill Williamson shot him. Fortunately he was saved by a bunch of ranchers and now he's determined to put an end to his old gang.
The graphics and realism of the game is beyond than anything i have every played. It shows you how life was back then in the Wild West. From poverty to corruption, sceneries infested with wild things, a world filled with good and bad people.
John Marston is probably one the most influential character out there in the gaming world. John Marston has a pretty dark past with his terrible act of theft and murder, but he's trying to turn his life around for the sake of his wife and child who are taken away from him by the lawmen, forcing him to abide the lawmen doing terrible acts. I would say John Marston is the definition of a true Man.
Red Dead Redemption is a free roaming game, meaning you could do anything in an open world. Instead of doing missions you could be finding secrets and a whole lot more.
The Game came up with several trailers.
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