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Drug Trafficking Prezi

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Jordyn McCleave

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Drug Trafficking Prezi

Drug Trafficking

One of the main struggles people face with trafficking is that they are very difficult to catch.

The Struggle and challenges
Most smugglers hide their drugs in their body's.
They also struggle to find where they are they are hidden just like the black market.
The Effects
The global breakout
As an example I'm going to be using Africa (Trafficking drugs since 2009)
Since the trafficking began the Government did not agree with it.
With the trafficking it harmed their country politically and geographically.
Most drugs in circulation are produced and distributed from South America & Mexico
Motivations for Drug Trafficking
1st Period April 2, 2014
To Europe
It then lead to fighting, killing and escalated.
Stopping the trafficking was getting harder.
From SE Asia
Drug Trafficking is the fifth largest employer in the world
Drug Trafficking is an opportunity to make money fast, despite the risk
Drugs give you a sense of power in areas like Peru
Drug Trafficking: the production, distribution, and sale of illegal drugs
Another major route is from West Africa to European countries
Oddly enough the trafficking has lead to many infant mortality.
mortality rate
for South Africa
By Kendall Archer, Ally Smith, Dylan Dougherty, and Jordyn McCleave
Today about 55% of youth has used an illicit drug before they enter college.
Kids age 12-17 were surveyed in the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse
The Facts on Youth
About 25% of kids 12-17 are current users of an illicit drug
Kids who smoked marijuana were more likely to cut class, steal, and vandalize
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