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Jan Humphrey

noteable interpreter project

Elizabeth Mitchell

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Jan Humphrey

Sign Language Interpreter project
by Elizabeth Mitchell

Jan Humphrey
Jan was born and raised in Amarillo, TX where she was introduced to Sign Language at the age of 15. She learned the language from members of the Deaf Community. This led her on her on the path to becoming an interpreter. She began interpreting in 1966 and has taught interpreting since 1977.
Jan's Background
Interpreter Education
She got her Master's in Education from Texas A&M university, and her Doctorate from Brigham Young University in Education and curriculum
Certificate of Interpretation and Certificate of Comprehensive Skills from the Association of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada
Holds a National Interpreter Specialist Certificate: Legal from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.
Contributions to Interpreting
She was involved in writing the first cirriculum for teach interpreting in 1978 and she set up revised interpreting programs at:
Johnson City Community College (Kansas)
CSUN (California)
Douglas College (British Columbia)
She's an author too!
Her first book she co-wrote with Jerry Seale in 1977, titled Miss Lillian, was the biography of long time Texas Interpreter Lillian Beard.
She then went on to write two textbooks (one you might recognize!)
So You Want to be an Interpreter?
an introduction to Sign Language interpreting
Decisions? Decisions!
provides principles to guide the critical thinking and ethical decision-making of sign language professionals.
Jan held numerous positions with professional organizations including:
President of RID from 1989-1991
President for the Conference of Interpreter Trainers from 1981-1986
She is now travels the country providing interpreting workshops and seminars to other certified interpreters.
There's more??
What's she up to now?
When Jan isn't traveling the country giving seminars, she works with an interpreting agency in Seattle, Washington called SignOn where she is a video relay and community interpreter. She is also a freelance educator and consultant
in her
community as well.
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