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Night audit overview

No description

david bryan suarez

on 4 October 2014

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Transcript of Night audit overview

Night audit overview
This section is the team that assumes the role of reconciling a hotel’s daily activities and transaction. They compiles a series of reports and data into a report called the night audit report for management review as part of its control procedures conducted at night, when the hotel is typically less busy.
Night Audit Management and Control System
Be available for any and all guest relation
Maintain accurate notification and documentation
Take ownership of all guest relations
Make appropriate decision and follow up with related department to solve permanently
Complete hotel inspection on a nightly basis
Monitor all department throughout the evening
maintain an open line communication with all department managers and supervisors at all times.
Post and balance daily charges.
Review account to insure proper procedures are follow and maintained
Generate work sheet and reports relative to the food & beverage night shift
The summary and statistical data complied into the night audit report are generated
Daily hotel transaction are verified
Certain front office function, such as front desk and PBX are assumed by this team
Posted entries to guest and non-guest account are verified
All front office account are balanced
Room status and rate discrepancies are solved
Guest credit transaction against established limits are reviewed
Operation and managerial reports are generated
The leader of the night audit team mostly serves as the Manager On Duty (MOD) in the absence of senior management
The night audit manager
He or she is responsible and accountable in his team composed of auditors. some or her task my include but is not limited to the following:
On staffing - To ensure that night audit department is well-manned distribution of responsibilities is very important. Generally the night audit team as mentioned is composed of small team as follows:
Night audit Manager
Auditors (2 to 5, depending on hotel size including other ancillary operation)
Food and beverage auditors ( 1 or 2 considering the number of outlets)
On Designation End of the Day - This is simply the time defined by hotel management which is considered the end of an accounting day, or called as date roll. This is established because the hotel never stops operating so as to know when the day ends and when it starts

On Implementing the Night audit Process - The night audit team ensures that their process would help in the attainment of the hotel's objectives. as such the night audit process focuses on two areas as follows:

Discovering and correcting of front office accounting errors the audit team ensures the integrity of front office accounts. In this aspect the audit uses a cross-referencing process wherein the guest and non-guest account are compared with source folios/document from revenue center

Creating of accounting and management reports - As one of the management and control system implemented in hotels these will invariably include statistics and important operating information

On Living with the night audit sequence - another way to manage and control the night audit works the team shall live or follow night audit sequence as presented below.
STEP 1 Completing the outstanding posting - audit team must make sure that all posting have been affected.
STEP 2 reconciling room status discrepancies - In this step under a manual system, the night auditor will compare the daily report of housekeepers and the room status system of the front office
STEP 3 Balancing all department - this process will ensure that front office account like room folios, city ledger folio, cash account, etc.
STEP 4 Verifying room mates - This step is very essential especially in manual and semi-automated system
STEP 5 Verifying no-show reservation. In relation to this and where applicable, they should affect no-show charges wherein this will apply where the reservation had been guaranteed
STEP 6 Posting room rates and taxes - Even though room rates are normally charge at the end of the day it is possible on some computer system to generate a room charge for the entire stay
STEP 7 Preparing of reports -The night auditors then need to prepare reports after everything has been checked. the typical reports prepared are following:
Final department detail and summary report
Daily operations reports
High balance report
Group room reports
Complimentary room report
STEP 8 Depositing cash - Depositing cash is a responsibility of the income auditor. prior to this, the night auditor in some cases may be required to prepared a front office cashier
STEP 9 Clearing of the backup system - Since most hotels are automated, cleaning is not that a big problem. this is triggered off by the audit
STEP 10 Distribution reports - lastly, when the process is finalized, it is the responsibility of the night auditor to ensure that relevant reports are distributed to authorized individual
On Managing and Controlling The Night Audit Reports - The main responsibility of the night audit team is verifying the charges posted in a guest ledger. they make is sure that all transaction are posted correctly in order for the hotel to accurately report financial data
Familiarizing the market codes - to ensure that night audit team will understand the reservation or sales history, hotel industry uses market codes to serve as references point for each room rate that a member of the team needs to familiarize with such as the following
Weekday rates
Weekend rates
Rack rates
Volume account rates
Government rates
Corporate rates
Industry rates
Seasonal rates
Package rates
Walk-in rates
Advance purchase rates
Managing others reports the team generates. The audit team also ensures that other reports they generated are properly taken cared of to ensure that there is/ no are discrepancy/ies in all of the hotel's transaction.such reports are the following
Arrival/Departure report
Credit limit report
Credit card transaction report
Out of order reports
Message report
In-house report
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