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Telecom in Africa

Conference, Sept. 9th 2012

Noam Bar-On

on 8 September 2012

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Transcript of Telecom in Africa

Telecom in Africa "A company without
'Africa Strategy' will be left behind". Trends Mobile Money Africa
Facts & Figures Mobile Market World's 2nd Largest Mobile Market ARPU declines Insights Submarine Fiber Cable Major Players Telecom Markets The Sharing Economy Africa

30 Mil SqKm Area USA

10 Mil SqKm Europe

10 Mil SqKm Africa
1 Population (Billions) China
1.4 Europe
0.75 USA
0.32 Density (per SqKm) Africa
28 Europe
73 USA
34 Africa
1.8 GDP ($ Trillions) Europe
20 USA
15 Per Capita ($) Africa
215-14,600 USA
48,400 Fastest growing mobile market in the world VAS ARPU DATA (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Voice services dominate mobile usage and operator revenues 2007: $9-$19 ; 2011:$4-$7.7 730 Million Mobile users
90% of all phones
Mobile Money
Joint between a Bank and Mobile Operator
Bank Account
Deposit and Cash transfer
Kenya - 18 Million Mobile Money users
Paying bills, Electricity, water, parking, education Low cost Smart phones Ghana: Facebook phone $32 Kenya: Huawei's Android $95 Mobile Operators

Vodacom (Vodafone)
MTN (MTN Group)
Safaricom (TKL and Vodafone)
Orange (TKL and FT)
Airtel (Bharti)
Tigo Fixed Lined Operators
Telkom (SA)
NITEL (Nigeria)
All Mobile Operators
Internet Solutions
Dial-up converged to Broadband
DSL (in big cities)
Mobile Data and 3G networks are expanded to rural areas
Reaction: Fixed Line Operators are rolling Fixed Wireless Access Networks
Technology: CDMA-2000, EVDO, WiMAX Mobile Voice and Data Communication Mobile phones - 90% of telephone lines in Africa
Market penetration crossed 50% due to Pre-Paid services and Taarif decline, however:
Declining ARPU risks the Network Operator's profits margins
Price wars where large number of operators are licensed
In vast parts of Africa, Mobile operators are the only providers of Telecom services (apart from Satellite) Fastest growing fixed line market in the world (more than 1/3 of the countries saw double digit growth rates in 2010)
Vandalism and Copper thefts led Telcos to converge to fixed-wireless networks
International submarine fiber optic cables have reached several African countries in 2009 and 2010:
More BW, Lower BW costs
New National fiber backbone networks
Foreign investments (Liberalization, National Telcos are privatized, New operating licenses are issued Mobile Applications Agricaulture - Farmers and Traders
Malawi - RapidSMS - 2 minutes transmission of Weight & Height info (instead of 2 months)
Ethiopia - RapidSMS helps monitor UNICEF's food chain
Botswana - Remote diagnosis projects. Handsets were replaced by tablets
South Africa: Cell-Life works with over 50 organizations to notify patients to take medication
Money: 56 Mobile Money deployments (nearly as many as the rest of the world combined
Workforce and Fleet management Opportunities and Risks $$$ ??? !!! (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr New "bandwidth hungry" applications
Bandwidth Management and Optimization
Solutions for ISPs and Mobile Operators
Inland bandwidth transport
Dramatic price reduction
90% price reduction
SA: Sub 10c per MB (Vodacom
offered 7.5c per MB..below cost) Opportunities 1. Submarine cables More BW Opportunities 2. Lack of Infrastructure

3. Equipment Vandalism/thefts

4. Financial culture
Mobile Money
Pre-Paid Services Risks Chinese
Strong financing by Chinese Government
Low labor cost
Wide portfolio
Long Sales Cycle
Political Instability
Personal Security World Bank Conference
Sept. 9th 2012 Fixed and Wireless Broadband Fixed line and Fiber ISRAEL

22,000 SqKm ISRAEL
32,000 Solutions for Africa Energy Infrastructure Rural areas Meters
Monitoring Solar/Wind Thefts
Vandalism Wireless Turn
Key (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Funding Loans/Grants World Bank
Financial entities Solution + Funding Thank you! Noam Bar-On
into-africa Fixed and Wireless
Broadband Mobile Voice
and Data Fixed Line
and Fiber Mobile
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