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No description

Eliza Mullen

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Bridesmaid

For Eliza's Bridesmaid Crew
The mushy stuff
Thanks so much for agreeing to be my bridesmaid! I'm so honored to have you all be a part of my bridal party. I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family, and I cannot wait for us to all have a fantastic time together!
The bridesmaid stuff
First thing's first - mark
September 13, 2014
in your calendar. That's the day this all goes down! Please plan to attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner the evening before.

At some point, there will be a bridal shower and bachelorette party at some point next year. Suzannah is the Maid of Honor, so she will be the point of contact. Everyone will be invited, but, to my out-of-town ladies,
don't feel obligated to be there! I love you, but you don't need to spend money to come to a silly pre-wedding party. I think there is way too much expense put on the bridal party at most weddings, so I will be trying to keep things as reasonable as possible.

Just an FYI, there are 12 bridesmaids. Am I crazy? Maybe (And by that, I mean definitely). But I love you all, and I want you all to be there with me. I promise that it will be awesome.
The dress stuff
As for the bridesmaid outfit - I want mismatching bridesmaids, so you get to pick your own dress! I want you to have as much fun and feel as fabulous as I do that day, so I want you to pick something that will make you feel awesome (and that you can wear again). I love you all because you are different, so I would hate to put you all in the same dress.

Please pick a dress that follows these rules:
The dress should be in the color palette (next slide)
Approximately knee-length (nothing long)
Avoid patterns - no stripes, polka-dots, or florals (but lace and color-blocking are okay)
No black. If you wear a very light color, please jazz it up with some bright accessories, so you do not look bridal.
Shoes should be silver/gold/white/pink/tan - I don't care about heel-height. Just no flip flops.
Tights/sweaters should stay in the same palette.
Please send me pictures and keep me updated as you search!

I am starting an email chain. When someone picks a dress, I'm sending a picture to everyone. I hope this will prevent any doubles.
Dress details
I envision using a palette of colors with coral and gold as the primary shades. Think English countryside romantic. I like warm shades of pink (coral/peach), metallics, ivory, tans, and taupe.
Dress Ideas!
Also keep in mind that my theme is vintage - I will love it if you go slightly vintage-inspired (but you certainly don't have to). Please visit my
Pinterest Bridesmaid Dresses Board
to see what I'm envisioning.
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