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IP law and youtube prezi

examining the impact of intellectual property law on video sharing websites like YouTube

Kelley Reslewic

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of IP law and youtube prezi

The History of YouTube started by former PayPal employees intended as a home-video sharing service bought out by Google in 2006 user-generated content website "dark ages" before YouTube quick rise to the top Implications of IP law on YouTube the takedown system Digital Millenium Copyright Act safe harbor provision as a sheild from infringement PRO-IP laws is more government involvement in IP law a good thing? Lentz vs. Universal Music Corporation requires a "good faith evaluation" of what is free use The Ethics of video-sharing copyright owners policing their material does IP law hinder creativity? Legality vs. Morality creative commons licenses What does the future hold? What Lessig says what makes YouTube popular? Viacom vs. YouTube How it all started Hypocricy and dirty laundry beating them or joining them Record companies making deals with YouTube In conclusion... YouTube and Intellectual Property Laws By Kelley Reslewic a case study Viacom vs. YouTube What does it mean? Ethics of media sharing can we create safely? Changes in law as a result of YouTube "good faith evaluation" implementation of the takedown system The evolution of YouTube
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