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South Asia

No description

Arhant M

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of South Asia

By Noah, Sam, and Arhant South Asia South Asia is a very beautiful place with many natural resources that help it's poor economy. As we go through this prezi, you will learn about what countries are in this region, the natural resources of this region, and specific human and natural characteristics that make up the region. I hope you enjoy our prezi as we go into the beautiful region of South Asia. Intro

Bangladesh has a reduced population,
improved education, and health in the
past 22 years after being under military rule.
Since health is such a major issue, only 16%
of people can use the bathroom due to
limited water. Over 100,000 children
die because of the such little amounts of water.
Bangladesh has been fierce in politics and human rights causing many assaults and deaths.
Bangladesh's main language is Bengali.The capital
(and largest city) is Dhaka
- President Zillur Rahman
- Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina
- Speaker Abdul Hamid
Legislature Jatiyo Sangshad
- 2012 estimate - 161,083,804[3] (8th) Because there have been many wars in Afghanistan, the government has struggled to enforce regulations outside the capital. Unfortunately, the backbone of Afghanistan's economy is illegal drugs. Afghanistan provides 90% of the world's opium, (a major ingredient of heroin). Since the fall of the Taliban, Afghanistan receives approximately 100 million dollars each year just from America.
Afghanistan's main religion is Islam. The main languages are Dari, and Pashto. It's natural resources are mainly fruits and nuts. This country also has the lowest life expectancy rate in the world, and is known to be the worst place to be born in. Afghanistan How does natural resources affect culture of a region? Natural resources is a big influence on culture. Natural resources are what gets the economy going. Afghanistan is big in nuts, wool, and fruit. Bangladesh 's main exports are garments and fish. Bhutan's main exports are timber and cement. India is very popular for textile goods and gems. Pakistan is good for wool, cotton, and leather. Those are the main countries in south Asia but other countries in south Asia have similar resources. 1. Which one of these countries is not in South Asia?
A. India
B. Afghanistan
C. Bangladesh
D. China
2.Which of these resources are big in India ?
A. Wool and fruit
B. Garments and fish
C. textile goods and gems
D. Rubber and coconuts
3. Which countries in South Asia have major health issues?
A. Bangladesh
B. Afghanistan
D. None of the Above
4. What is the biggest country in South Asia ?
A. Bangladesh
B. India
C. Afghanistan
D. Burma
5. Which country in South Asia receives 100 million dollars from the US every year?
A. India
B. Bangladesh
C. Afghanistan
D. China
6. In which country do 100 million people die because of meager amounts of water?
A. India
B. Bangladesh
C. Afghanistan
D. China
7. What is the capital of India?
A. Thimphu
B. Kabul
D. None of the above 7 Question Quiz Works Cited India India is the biggest country in South Asia with resources like textile goods and gems. It's capital is New Delhi and its main religions are Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. India is a federal political system which means power is shared between the central government. India is a highly diverse country has the right below China which has the highest.

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